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August 2, 2007

Supposedly vital statistics

Age: 28 years, 4 months
Weight: 38-41 kilograms
Height: 5 feet no inches
Work experience: 9 years, 2 months
Weaned at: 8 months
Having coffee for: 10 years
Having sex for: 9 years
Waist: 22 inches
Money in bank: 30,something
Bank balance: Zero if the above is entirely withdrawn
Debt: 57,000
Will probably be arrested if: I don’t pay 45k to previous company
Amount previous company owes me: 60,something
Chances of getting that: Zero
Number of friends on orkut = 200 plus
Number of friends on Facebook: growing everyday
Friends I share in common with Ex = 30 at the least
Number of friends who ABSOLUTELY love me, faults, warts and all: 3, and one is my cousin
Number of friends I can call when lonely, and they’d come/talk till I feel ok: 1, the other is in London
Number of people who really dislike me: still counting
Number of schools I have changed: 12
Number of ‘best’ friends I’ve had in those schools: 4
Number of best friends who back-stabbed: 2, both women
The men I dated, very seriously: 5
Ages at which I dated them: 15, 17, 20, 23, 25.
The times I really know my heart broke: 3 and now it cannot happen anymore
Number of cigarettes smoke on a bad day: 20 plus, I realized this yesterday that I had started smoking a lot again…
Number of meals I have on a good day: 2
Number of meals I have on a bad day: zero
Number of men who really loved me: 1… and to think the first thing I ever made him do was bully him into throwing potato wafers at people passing us, he was 13, me 14…


Anonymous said...

Well , what can one say , really ? You're honest.....both with others and yourself . Is denial really bad , though ? Or perhaps good ? As Tyler Durden's alter ego in Fight Club says : " This is your life , and its ending one minute at a time . "

taurius1 said...

I dunno why, but I like this post of yours a lot.

And wasting potato wafers? tsk tsk. There's better things to pelt strangers with.

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

thankyou Taurius.

@ Anonymous = I like the other one, "Cigarettes kill you slowly, am not in a hurry either."

AnnoyMouse said...

Been reading you for a while.Couldnt stop responding now.
20 cigs?? and you still have 1 left to call upon? Maybe a 21 would take away that one too.
I'm sorry, i do admire your writing a lot.Started with the blogs in ibnlive.And certain comments on the previous post was unwanted,whoever that was.But this post...well...maybe certain changes in onself would make the good numbers a bit higher other than persisting that one should love you as it is.Would you if our new President calls upon for friendship?Takecare of your health.Your words will fill up your bank balance oneday(no not a psychic),just a gut feeling.Cigarattes kills slowly,it also kills the people near you.And when your bank balance piles up you would end up spending it all to regain smoked off health.
hmm... takecare missy.And continue on that other blog...the loona stuff.And yes this post is one of a kind...enjoyed reading it.

Okay!Back to silent reading.ta....

In exile said...

(wo)maaan !! you got guts. Keep going, saw some unwanted comments on the last post, hope you have taken it with a pinch of salt & with your chin up & write more often........ seeking sustenance !!!

Anonymous said...

Number of friends who ABSOLUTELY love me, faults, warts and all: 3, and one is my cousin

hello. i thought i was one too. :) keep going :)

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

oi! Anonymous who loves me... WHO?! Please tell. Four always sounds better than three... strangely, all three who love me are geminis.
who are you: hint, hint. please.

Annoymouse = love the name. and thankyou for 'stepping out'.

InExile = you surprise me. still. :)

Anonymous said...

You know , I'm sure you've guessed this by now.....the Taurius1 chap is in love with ya !!!

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...


Taurius1 is my midnight pal who stops his work to drop in a line here and there. Who sends me links that i am looking for even when i have not asked for them AND has, till date, NEVER said a word out of place. I enjoy talking to him when the time permits. And whoever you are, Dear Anonymous, thankyou for pointing that I might have a 'friend' in Taurius 1. love is a heavy word.

deepti said...

I loved this one the most for obvious reasons..:-)

whitelight said...

12 schools!? one for each year?

Anonymous said...

Can there ever be such a thing as " friendship " between a pretty , intellectual gal and a guy who cant get any ?? You should know that the fearless , indomitable spirit that your writing renders , is very VERY arousing to a lot of guys . An unconquerable , " impenetrable " woman is always very attractive , Heh Heh !!! So Tauris1 seeing himself as only a friend , la dee da ! He's more desperately welling with " feelings " than a lovesick tomcat , Heh Heh ! And I mean it as a compliment , I'm a friend !

anonymous (the jogi type) said...

arre. yaar.

sorry for not being the mysterious dark stranger. 's just me. jogi who should be in the List of 3 (now 4) i'm a capri-saggi cusp by the way. so i guess i am just as split down the middle as a gemini.


anyway. now that my cover is blown. might as well use my real name.

of course, i just may have to kill everyone who knows my real name now. ;)

bullzrulz said...

I dont think u r doin a bad job in earning frenz writing all this ... i dont sympathize wid u .. u dont need to be sympathised with!!
U are earning frends mate and i mean it ..