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December 1, 2010

Read my new blog?

Oh yes, that's where I'm gonna be. For those who don't know, the cool dudette in the picture is my almost-five-months old daughter, Mia. She is supercool and often tells me she will be better than me at most things. :/

All the writing-fighting-shiting is happening at the new blog, Twist in the Tail. It has old posts from this blog and the older food blog as well (yay to Blogger's new import tool).

Catch you at the new place.

November 24, 2010

Moved on love.

That basically means I won't be writing here anymore. The blog will remain -- too much pain importing everything elsewhere -- but fresh posts etc will be put up on the other blog.

It's called The Twist in the Tail. Yes, tail. Like doggie's tail, or the Hindi version, kutte ki dum, which I hope you remember, kabhi seedhi nahi hoti. For the non-Hindi speaking, it translates to 'a dog's tail is never straight'. Or a dog has a curly tail. We will not talk about tail-less dogs here, that saying came about when humans weren't stuffing around with dog breeding. Personally I feel the saying would be better if it said 'a pig's tail is never straight' -- pigs have cute tails I think -- but nevermind.

What it means though is that old habits cannot be changed. So why new blog? Because I needed a change somewhere. While now with a baby I'm a mommy and that's a huge change, as a writer and a creative person, I feel s.t.u.c.k. And extremely undisciplined. I need to get my mojo going and get into shape. Physically and mentally.

Thank-you for sticking around despite the silence(s). Hope to see you reading the new blog as well. Catch ya.

PS: It's 4.45 am, Mia woke up at 3am. I could sleep again but I will go do some writing now. I got a deadline and I'm feeling determined. I am feeling good. Here's to mojo finding.