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August 22, 2007



LATEST ON BANNING: Kingdom of Saudia Arabia ALSO bans Emancipation of Eve

Dear so.so@indiatimes.co.in,
This is a message from the IT Department.The web site you are trying to access:eveemancipation.blogspot.com/is listed as a site within the category Porn.

The latest news this side of the hemisphere is that one of India’s BIGGEST media conglomerates, the high and mighty THE TIMES OF INDIA/INDIATIMES has BANNED this blog, called, the Emancipation of Eve, because for them, this blog is PORN.

Banning would mean that this blog cannot be accessed in the TOI/ Indiatimes premises. Really, does not hurt my feelings. But pisses off my sensibilities. I really don’t know what times of India do they talk about, for they sure are out of the times you and I live in.

It’s funny that at a time when the Indian media is wondering about the so-called proposed bill to CURB the freedom of the press and the press’s ability to TALK freely; the venerable (supposedly misled) TIMES OF INDIA/INDIATIMES decides to put gag orders on people who are trying to write and speak their minds.

I find it particularly funny that the alleged porn-centre, TIMES OF INDIA/INDIATIMES should BAN me calling me PORN. OH WOW.

And the Phat Chicks programme that they have running on their extremely sorry website, Indiatimes? Where the chicks talk about sleeping around, one night-stands and casual sex? And the PHOTOGALLERY with semi naked pictures? That is not porn? And the fashion shows they have when celebrating the various anniversaries of the various septuagenarians? Where their journalists flash their tits in see-through dresses?

It is EXTREMELY funny that media houses that cry so loud and so hoarse on being allowed to say, do, sting operate and whatever else in the name of Freedom of Expression are intent on BANNING anything that does not adhere to their ideas of that expression.
IRONICAL Indian Media. And perhaps the reason the entire bunch should be banned. As for the Times Of India/INDIATIMES… it IS back to being colonized and high time we had another Quit India movement. They’ve been around for more than a 100 plus years now, and it shows. Get out guys.

And yeah BAN ME. How to use negative publicity in a positive manner – since that is all that anyone has to say about THE TIMES OF INDIA/INDIATIMES – I have learnt from you guys. Please ban me, it’s good for me.

For those who cannot read me: Mail me. Am starting a mailing list for BANNED offices. Hit counts on this site are for my ego, I don’t earn through them. So those interested in reading and find their access banned, mail me at foxytanya@gmail.com (for the ‘strangers’), for those who have the other id, mail me there. Shall fuckin’ mail you the posts.

PS: Symbiosis Intitute of Management Studies in Pune also calls this blog porn. Brilliant. They apparently even have a media course. Rather interesting. Also, those who CAN read this... DO pass it on to others. Let's see who else bans this blog.

PS2: Apparently now, TOI office has not banned it, but Indiatimes has. What a joke. I remember having done a film review for the website (indiatimes) and giving a low rating to this VERY BIG movie that was given glowing reviews in the paper. I was asked to STOP reviewing films. The spiel given was that BOTH the website, Indiatimes and the newspaper are part of the PARENT company. And therefore have to reflect SAME thoughts (and same ratings, it did not help that the paper had given that film 4/5 stars while I gave it 2 and a half). By that logic: Banned at indiatimes, is banned in TOI. They reflect the SAME thoughts, people. For those needing technical clarifications.

PS 3: Burf, dont think its a technical glitch. If it, hope they see sense. They are welcome to read.


Maxine said...

Ah! Congrats on crossing another milestone :D

Anonymous said...

i think this is amazing news, jb!

the first way to make something ultra-popular is to ban it! now you just have to capitalise on the big-brother-thing (or similar big establishment stuff) and you are on your way to becoming the Queen of Blogs!


Anonymous said...

and one more thing, remember what i told you about the Times of India?

it's the tool of the devil and it is singlehandedly destroying india's social and moral fabric.


burf said...

it could be just an error on their network policy/admin's part though

the firewall that makes the sites inaccessible isn't intelligent enough to differentiate if a site is talking about counsellings teenagers about sex or if it has porn content. it would filter both of them under a keyword sex or some such

but if they have explicitly banned your blog's address then it is a different matter

taurius1 said...

Too many occurances of *certain* objectionable words, i think. :)

Syed said...


TOI chaps need to be given a lesson or too anyways... its been long pending! Besides, who the fuck are they to do this kind of Moral Police thing.

I wonder how they've turned themselves from an insignificant (and erroneous) Mumbai daily to this monster of a media conglomerate? Wonder how many asses they had to kiss over the past 150 years!!! And No wonder why they're beginning to STINK!!!! And that reminds me of a Viking proverb... Thou shall not call others contaminated, when thou has not taken an ablution in a century! :-)

Just the yesterday (22nd August, 2007), they ran an article in the International section titled "US firms get big business from partner swappers". And that's just the heading... here are a few excerpts from the article:

"...he spends more than $10,000 a year to attend conventions, hotels and clubs where he and his girlfriend can have sex with other partners."

"a hot tub he was sharing with his girlfriend and a couple with whom they had been intimate the night before."

"The most exhibitionist of those gathered in open hotel rooms after midnight to have sex as others watched or joined in."

"The other night I looked up and there were five or six people looking," said Terri, who retired from the US Air Force two years ago. "I’m glad I was giving them a good show." I’ve had three (lovers) in the past 24 hours."

No prizes for guessing TOI's next BIG business venture!

Syed said...

Lets all BAN TOI... even if it is for just one day.

Don't buy the paper.
Don't visit indiatimes.com
Don't watch the news.
Don't see anything remotely connected to TOI.

That should be enough for them.
Just one day.

Spread the word.

Shady said...

Great Keep it up can they read you in china or North korea if not then TOI will join a excluise club :)

A drink is on me for getting banned. :P

taurius1 said...

Syed, you want everyone to ban TOI for setting their private network policy to exclude this blog?

Seems kinda funny. :)

I'm dead sure that either it's autmatically barred, coz it didtn satisfy some criterion of "purity" to get past the TOI firewall, or someone with a personal vendetta's done it.

As for Saudi arabia banning this site, it's erfectly understandable. They wouldn't want their citizens touching a website with the name "clit" in the title with a 10 foot long pole. :)

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

@ Taurius

Am sure it is a case of firewalling and nothing malicious against me. BUT, dude, porn cannot call porn, porn. :D

And i am completely for banning it for a day..i say...pick FRIDAY. LOL