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August 3, 2007

Moot Point.

Just this once, once more I called you so
To let you know that I've let you go.

It's okay that we don't have anything to talk about
We'll both find conversations elsewhere no doubt.

Or the fact that our taste in music doesn't match
There's always another song, another tune to catch.

It's okay baby, it's okay that you like to look.
I'll just close my eyes and take another, like you I took.

So it was convenience or perhaps a lack of trust
Or something so weak, it could be shaken by lust.

Whatever it was, that point is moot
But I do get the message that I got the boot!


Dopa said...

This is my first post here.. It looks like you have had pretty bad experiences with people that you mention words like 'infidelity' and 'lack of trust' in your every post.. by the way nice stats!