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August 24, 2007

The Devil's Lair

The twist the curl
The tress and twirl
The wind in her hair
The devil’s lair

So softly spun
With a hint of sun
The crest the trough
The undaunted brow

The shoulder caress
A wild, wild mess
A wish so keen
You’re torn between

To wrap and pull
Till your arms are full
To hold her close
Almost nose to nose

To feel her heat
To measure the beat
The impromptu tryst
The stolen kiss

The desire divine
This girl of mine
The wind in her hair
The devil’s lair


Shonar Shongshar said...

cute one yaar

taurius1 said...

Cute? It's not cute. It's wow. That really jogged a whole lot of memories in my head while i was reading it... :)

Crimson Feet said...

wonderful!! u got some audacious talent there...
have been thru a lot of ur online journeys... u can get as wonderfully absurd as sensibly artistic!

"almost nose to nose" gets a little 'cheeky' though :) ..

To wrap and pull
Till your arms are full
To hold her close
Wet lips to nose


Care Bear said...

Amazing poem. Wonder what goes inside your head....nice


clit.chatting said...

@ Crimson Feet
Erm, he wants to titilate, not slobber over her. Yet. ;)

@ Care Bear
Put the blog back on, would love to read your mind; if not your heart.

@ Crimson Feet again...
Y'know, a little restraint the first time, goes a pleasantly long way the second time round.

Care Bear said...

hmm...again have to wait till i finish my writing course.Err...but before that let me sign up for the course.

Crimson Feet said...

:) ...

no comments!

Sree said...