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August 27, 2007

Death of Eve*?

Oh well. First I write something called Obituary; then I announce a new blog. Some questions were bound to arise. While I won't go into the have-you-fuckin-lost-it ones, let's say few asked the same thing: Does The Indian Shitizen mean the death of Emancipated Eve?

Are you fuckin kidding me? Hah. One is part of the other and both are part of the process.
Hmmm. (Tries to be all mysterious when actually she doesn't know what to say next)

There is an Eve* post ready - one typed out, another in the head - but have decided that if I were to start posting three posts every friggin' day... it's spoiling habits. Mine, of course. heh heh.

So no, we will continue Clit Chatting.
May we all shag in peace.

PS: Yes Nafo, yes, I have been thinking on the lines of your suggestion too. But if wishes were horses, Eve* would be called Porky the Orgy Pig. :)