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August 7, 2007

Marriage at Rs 15,000

General observations and then some...
People love reading about other people’s lives, but if they see even a hint of themselves in the open, it constipates them for three days.

If something you hear about your lover/partner makes you doubt him/her… it is NOT what you have heard. The doubt was already there.

The moment you seek validation that your doubt is untrue and get into debating it’s existence; you will doubt oftener than enjoying what you have.

When you start thinking that your man cheats on you BECAUSE you are not beautiful, you should remember all the big, ugly women he screwed when drunk. Screwing around does not see beauty.

Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder.

People are really scared when you say things as they are.

When people don’t understand what you say or what you think, they call you ‘strange’.

That apart, met yet another astrologer. I had thought I had heard it all, all that could perhaps shock me. But, BUT, B.U.T.

Now this new astrologer – after I have been told that I have no man in my life and that multiple partners will be beneficial and that I died a bitter lonely death in my previous life – NOW this new astrologer TELLS me that … I am to get MARRIED by November 2007. YES. In fucking three months from now, he says, that either I will be married or I will have decided upon who to marry.

Dude. I REALLY want to know WHO the fuck is finding it funny, jerking my chain around.

I have like, just declared to the world that I have (or had, will get to that later) a major complex about my face. And NOW I am being told, that after such declarations – please notice there were NO comments on that post – I am supposedly going to meet someone, and obviously like him, and surprise of surprises, he will like me too and fucking want to marry me. Nothing lesser, no, no, but marriage!

HAHA. Maybe I should go to my ex and tell him this. Maybe hearing it might just change his mind. Laughs Out Fucking Loud. It’s just getting ridiculous-er.

Oh but, all that will happen ONLY if i wear a topaz ring, the smallest of which costs Rs 15,000. :)
Also, one of my friends, said about the ‘Hello, Beautiful’ post: “How could you write that? Now all men and women will know exactly how to play you around!”

It was very sweet how she was concerned. BUT. You see, writing that post was good. I don’t think myself of ugly, faaaaaaaar from it. When I say I am not beautiful; it’s according to certain parameters – rather stupidly – that I have set in my own brain. More than that, since I DO know that there is more than looks to ANY person, I shrug off and move on. The ONLY times I have not felt beautiful-enough are where my men are concerned. And that too, you see, is not needed, since hey, it’s not as if men sleep ONLY with beautiful women. Ha ha ha. FAR from it. And THAT is my strength. That neither beauty nor brains will stop a man from cheating around.

And anyway, there’s way much to me or anyone else to worry only about looks. At the most you would fuck a pretty face. But you would come back. Eerily enough, most have, in whatever given way. So I am not worried about. I have nothing to hide. And the things that lurk in my closet – my bogarts – I will get them out, one by one, and shatter them all.

I don’t need a shrink to move on. And I suggest to all those who have demons in your head, get them out. If nothing else, it’s too much fun watching people squirm when the truth hits their faces or the shit hits the fan.

More, to come. Ta!

PS: (And hey, I do know I am good looking. Rather in fact. But I would rather be the most beautiful woman on this earth, indisputably. So hate me for it!) ;)

PS1: Anyone loan me Rs 15,000?

PS2: Erm, I am NOT getting married YET. According to Mr Astrologer, I am supposed to. Because someone will ask me. If you guys no anyone interested, send them here, ok? :D


varun said...

15k duh....give 15k in cash to your ex....he will marry you in 3 days...hehe

varun said...

and yeah...fully agree on the screwing around while drunk bit...also there are some of us who look for hints about ourselves in writings of other people....gives us happiness not constipation.But yeah, gotta tell you...i know you now...MUMUAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

holly golightly!

who said you aren't pretty? don't forget you have a diehard fan here.

facts are facts and since you are beautiful, that's a fact.


Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

The Nine of Pentacles card suggests that the hard part is over. You've paid your dues and you have nothing to prove. Let the results speak for themselves and don't dirty your hands with idle, trendy or high maintenance indulgences like lovers who don't give back. Take appropriate precautions and nurture the finer things that are in tune with your needs and that faithfully satisfy multiple senses. Craft a flowing comfort zone, retreat, home or romantic paradise from these established simple pleasures or self-renewing efforts. Maintain self-confidence, self-control, independence and the art of being alone. Consistent feeding of your spirit creates a rich and replenished soul.

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

Now i know exactly WHO this anonymous is! :) Heh heh

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

On second thoughts, Tiffany and Capote lovers will murder you and me! :P

moonstruck maniac said...

ok i shall redirect some hippies from where i am at this moment.
just give em something to smoke up. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey JB how come you dont play raconteur on your Windows Live Space anymore ??

St. Bernard said...

15 k huh, for a topaz ring, my mum's been tryin to squirm out a couple of grands for a pearl ring for myself. Now i appreciate the sentiment, but go right ahead and feed it with your own money, I aint got that kinda dough for a stupid ring..!
JB, getting married and settling down's gotta be with someone who knows most of you, maybe not all of you, but most of you (wow, hear me out - Mr. been-there-done-that!).. he knows how you'd react, what's on your mind, where's the funny bone, where's the silly bone, he's got kinks that you can satisfy, and vice versa, you're comfortable in his company, you dont have to go out of your way to prove yourself to him, but youd still do it, to keep that edge, someone who appreciates what you do.. feels a space for you in his heart, outside of romantic tension, Id much rather beleive in all of that nonsense, than in a 15 k ring, it's cheaper :p

tk care!

Still searching said...

All predictions are usually based on how much money can be doled out in the situation! :) Nonetheless, if thats what u want, then hope it comes true! :))