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May 2, 2007

Multiple orgasms, anyone?

Can all women have multiple orgasms? Yes.
Do all women have multiple orgasms? No.
Do you need a man for multiple orgasms? Preferably, not mandatory.
How much time does it take to reach MOs? 2 minutes to 25 minutes to whatever it takes to get you off…

I have not asked a doctor or an expert or anyone else about multiple orgasms, and the reason why am thinking multiples is because I was asked to. And no, I won’t do a lot of things that you’d ask me to, unless I am sure I’d enjoy those as well. So speaking of multiple orgasms, personal experience says they are of two kinds (so far and there are miles to go before I sleep…) : the Long ‘n’ Cumming and the Supernova.

The Long ‘n’ Cumming is when the two of you have been at it for a while and you (read the woman) have been primed for sometime. This usually starts off as little whimperoos and goes on to become a screamer or a jaw-clencher, depending whether you are the silent-in-bed-type or otherwise.

Now the Supernova is the one I dig: where passion in your head plays as much part as what’s happening physically. This is when a woman is completely INTO her man. When you don’t need foreplay. When you are ready at the touch of a finger tip on your shoulder, when it does not matter that there are guests in the drawing room or kids getting late for school. When everything is familiar and that familiarity creates such a gnawing hunger in you that you grab the other, turn them around, pick them or bend them over…and as you both know what the other needs, you get off quickly. And the getting off does not stop at that – it builds on its own, in a groin-clenching, gut-riding, thigh-quivering crescendo that is the Supernova : it explodes into million little tingling sensations all over your body. WOOF!

The Supernova can also happen with absolute strangers, where nothing explains anything but for the fact that you know you have GOT to. Drunken one-night stands are not to be confused, ladies: due to the sheer fact that the alcohol will keep him going for a while (or prevent him coming!), you might just get default MOs. So don’t think it’s him! Men without alcohol are truly different creatures. Ha, ha.

That apart, the best way to guarantee a Supernova? Your own head and self-help. See technically, there’s nothing a dick can do that 10 fingers cannot do as well. And that’s the sad truth: self-help guarantees MOs; but sooner or later, you start missing the bloody man. Or men.
Post Scrap: But till then, apna hath, jagannath. Saari ungliyan bhi.


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As usual ur immensely readable.....and well.....pls pls keep on writin....and well can i be selfish n ask for more posts

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happy birthday :-)

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hey happy birthday lady....wish u many more...just so tht i can read more of u ...wateva tht means