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May 16, 2007

Sex chatting, virtual reality and feedback

Hmmm. First up, thankyou all for those who take the pains to leave comments and write back. Now a lot of feedback does not figure on the blog because it is coming in my inbox. While the personal touch is darned sweet, some "feedback" is expressedly with the intention of making me "chat". I do not have MSN or Yahoo and am not adding that myspace instant messenger thing. IF at all there is a need to chat -- seriously, after the copious amounts I am writing, you STILL want to chat with me?! -- there is a chat tool on the blog, do leave comments there. If we happen to be online simultaneously and both are free, we shall chat.

AGAIN for those who think that chatting might be you asking me "what are you wearing" or "do you like sex chat" etc etc.... Erm, No. Thinking of some words written in a blue box or whatever coloured IM box and calling it "Sex" does not work for me. There are some things that work for me virtually and some things that just dont. Sex HAS to be real dahlings, not the now-I-am-squeezing-your-boob thing. When you write that you are squeezing my boob, my boob is right where it is and HAS not been squeezed, so I really don't see why I need to indulge in cyber.
I will always remember this friend of mine sex-chattin-up some woman... and she is typing away to glory about what she is doing to his dick and where her tongue is going and all that ...meanwhile, my friend is going through his daily collection report, answering his boss on the phone and typing out his latest presentation ALL the while writing to this girl saying, "Oh, oh, oh, my god, I am cumming over my keyboard."

And I was sitting there and he was not and I just found it TOO funny. Imagine, while she was writing she was suckin him off, she might just have been changing her baby's diapers.
Anyway. So I have been getting feedback in my mail, and not ALL of it pertains to wanting to sex-chat or as many, VERY smartly say, clit-chat me. Would want to share some of the feedback with you -- cant decide whether to do it here or open something separately just for feedback.

Cunt born!!!huh...so are you, so is every one else. There are good men eve, Why so much anger against men??? Unsatisfied life or unfulfilled dreams result in anger. Where do you fit in?....P.S life is beautiful. — Dave, myspace

Er…I am NOT cunt born…. I am a caesarian. About there being good men, the post says so. If this is an attempt to get me to write back…YAWN. And I say if this is an attempt because you sent me mails earlier asking about what I do and all that. Dude, if you want to get to know me better READ me. Shrug.

Somewhere other than the night, she needs to hear, 'I love you.' Somewhere other than the night, she needs to know you care. she wants to know she's needed, she needs to be held tight. Somewhere other than the night." Garth Brooks
from Gopal, myspace = Thanks! J


pinki said...

really nice post..especially M NT CUNT BORN...hahha..ppl r so weird ..tke thngs n thm personaly n thn suggests d othr perosn 2keep cool...haha

Amit said...

cmnts ar alwez intrsting. sms lngo kls dem tho.

Eve that orgasm waala post was super man! Bang on target from my limited experience

clit.chatting said...

Pinks!!!!!!!! baby girl! MISS you. :( and so does Golu Dawg. whaaaat up with you?

@ Amit
Yeah...in my limited experience too. Clit Chatting Ltd. lol.

taurius1 said...

HEhe. I've seen instances of my friends doin the exact same thing... My frind was "having cyber sex" with a supposed girl, all while he was playin Counter Strike :D

Hehe. Funny people. >_<

NAFO! said...

I did an SMS-sex thing a month or two back, it was really cheesy, it'd didn't 'work' for me. still it was a nice preoccupation while i waited for my emails to load.

clit.chatting said...

Yo Nafo!
First time visitor from what I can tell...welcome...in case you do come back. And if you dont, thanks for stopping by!

NAFO! said...

Yo JB!
First time visitor on this blog, followed yer link from good ol' MySpace.

nice chatting ;)

No Autopsies For Orphans.

clit.chatting said...

@ Nafo!
it's YOU!. :) so nice to "meet" you here. heh heh