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May 30, 2007

It’s just the way you look at me

Root me to where I stand
Make my skin tingle,
And send a shiver up my spine.

Let me feel your rough hand
The love and lust mingle,
And say without a word, “You’re mine.”

Wreck my vile schemes, plans grand
One, two, all and every single,
And yet reassure that it’d all be just fine.

Mark me with your mouth, your brand
Shake every shard, sinew and shingle,
And Promise, Us would paint the town carmine.

And don’t say a word, oh please, don’t say a word

Once you say them, they would be lies,
Let the words lie in your eyes.
Don’t talk, discuss, dissect, let it, leave it be
It’s anyway just in the way you look at me.


Anders said...

Silence is a language. Universal and transcending

taurius1 said...

That was nice! :D

Shady said...

" "

Anders said...

I see ... you are good students. Learning the language of silence. Also check the album by German Einstürtzende Neubauten "Silence is Sexy"

Amit said...

dropped jaw. that was a brilliant poyyem!