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May 29, 2007

Sharing stats...

Hello, hello Everyone!

Thankyou so much for reading...and to all those who read and write back and even those who anonymously come and read me each time I post. There is a stat counter on the site, if anyone has noticed. It ticks slowly, but it's a steady beat and is reassuring.

Yesterday, was a record of sorts for the Emancipation of Eve... it was an all-time 'high'.

The page got 94 new visitors

There were 54 of you who came BACK :) (thankyou so, so much)

There were 157 page loads, which means that some of you read more than one page...and that means at least skimmed through a series of post. OH.

Everyone's time is valuable, and I sincerely appreciate whatever time you have/spent here. And yeah, do keep coming back.

Eve* aka Clit Chatting


Amit said...

you write about sex. you write exceptionally well. your prose is a commentary on the times, its contemporary. off late you also write (obliquely though), on loneliness, a disease prevalent quite some in your (mine too) generation. the only way for your blog, when it comes to readership statistics, is up, eve. Rock on and keep on writing. poison pen

Anders said...

anytime JB, anytime

Raccoon said...

I wrote 2 lines on Sanjaya Malakar to my blog last month and it got 100s of visits every day!

but yeah, your glory is all yours:)

taurius1 said...


The most hits I've ever had on my page was 47. >_<

Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
clit.chatting said...

@ Dave

Good lord. And oh, these words do make me nervous...

And honestly Dave, there are many like me here...women as well as men. And from the feedback I have been getting, many like me out there as well. Let's just chill ya...

Dave said...

I didn't know that.
Seems I am not well informed what is going on in your society?
Being a westerner in the past frequently, nowadays only occasionally a visitor in Delhi I better read more from what is going on in your society.
If you like post something about it please.

Apology for my words which caused you for concern.

Best wishes for you. Dave

clit.chatting said...

Hey Dave

please do not misunderstand -- your words do not disturb. Just that, well, one cannot let down people when they come and read you regularly. that's what i meant. ALso, would not want to believe that i am the only one of her kind in India...things across the globe are changing, and so are they in my country. There are sections of society where women are brought up as 'openly' as a man, if one might say that.

Dave said...

@ Eve

OK I understand.
If this brings trouble to your blog please feel free and wipe the above out.
Maybe my words were phrased in a intimate style not ready to show it to the public.
Still my intention was good.


moonstruck maniac said...

nuice JB

Sunny said...

as said earlier, this is prose for a jilted generation. i enjoy it. k bye.

oh lord...buy me a night on the town.. said...

u dnt actually...bt i like wht u write..

clit.chatting said...

@ Night On The Town