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May 11, 2007

And now, there's Bosedk....

"Is it better to write good stuff once in a while or not write at all or write trash all the time? And if you don't write, is it possible to forget how to write?"
"Ummm... since you cannot write good stuff all the time, you might as well write the trash...just don't blog it! :) So write the trash to keep yourself writing and when you come up with the good stuff, show it to the world."

And so the words flowed...and hopefully will do so unabated.
An excerpt from a friend's blog, who should be read:

I can feel an alliteration arrested near an artery. An idiom idling in my adam's apple. And if I hold my breath, I can hear my heart steadily thumping out an SOS. "WRITE" it says. "Write for your life".
What else is a writer's worth but a few well chosen words strung together with a string of logic to keep them from falling off? If that be the truth, and currency the measure, I would have to declare myself bankrupt.
And so, like a person who's just seen his cholesterol test report, I step out gingerly to jog my self back to a more acceptable shape. As a wordsmith.


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haha, 'bosedk' reminds me of my college days when these pearls of wisom and culture forever rolled off the tip of my tongue...sigh, those good old days.