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May 8, 2007

I am a product of You

I am a product of you.
Amoral, illegal, me

The zygote of hard-working parents
The dreams, dreamt within social constraints
The first steps taken in infancy
Pronouncing the A, B, C and D of Democracy.

I am a product of you.
Stubborn, sinful, me

A lifetime of arousals awakened in adolescence
The understanding of ‘acceptance’ in its teen essence
My hymen sold to your conquest, not in a moment of passion,
It was just to wash my virginity, the sacred loss often in a ridiculous fashion.

I am a product of you.
The Greatest Slut Born

Who’s not a slut but actually a bitch,
And you don’t get laid when you bitch the bitch
I am the whore who’ll bed your friend, your sister, your father,
But never you: that’s just not part of the barter.

I am a product of you.
Over-sexed, wanton me
And even my sex is now a disease,
For I don’t know if it’s you or me, who I please.


whitelight said...

that is punk

Sholay said...

hey eve. that was an awesome poetry. a bit like Kafka on DTC bus driving on the Noida toll bridge with no roof to the bus. keep going u are awesome with words. here is two lines from me:

i rememeber you in my dreams
when purple trees glitter in silver loneliness.

clit.chatting aka Eve* said...

@ Sholay
Purple trees: hmmmm.... on lsd? :)