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April 2, 2007


Another new month and living up to its tradition of changing a whole lot of things at once, Life once again, delivers a Twist in the Tale.
New home.
New job.
Golu Dog distressed because he is wondering why we are staying in a new place.
Wondering if finally the financial drought will be over...
Too many mosquitoes, dont want dengue
Dying to start cooking
Want to paint windows in shades of green and cream and the kitchen in yellow and orange
Told my boss I was resigning, Boss wasnt surprised, did not ask me to stop. :)
Have to buy new music system ...and new bath rugs
Realised that I really dont have time for people who dont have time for me
Really dont like people who pretend about Anything... the time they have for you, the interest they show in you, the pretense of anything...
Wishing I get the househelp soon.
So much to do!!! Doing up new house and hoping I would last here.


Anders said...

I've got time. Only I am pretty far away so don't expect me to help you paint :-) but I listen in whenever you've got complaints, paint on your t-shirt or just plain pain of life to share...

PunK said...

heyy !!
naya ghar .. naya job ... naya paint.
Badiyaa hain :D
bestoluck in ur tryst with changes.

moonstruck maniac said...

good luck for everything JB.

Amit said...

You should get worldspace if not already. the music seeps into the walls and the whole house gets this nice groovy vibe. especially on weekend mornings.

whitelight said...

Ah! Dont ever buy WorldSpace. The music is absolutely cringeworthy.

serendipity said...

we will miss you here clitty :)
have fun and knock 'em dead at the new job...as for the new house, if those buggers bother you again then lemme know, we can kick their ass together.
kisses, hugs and cheers!

Anonymous said...

hi babe,

just wanted to congratulate you on your new home :)

all the best. and remember when things get down; "tommorrow's the best day of your life" :)


clit.chatting said...

Yo Everybody!!

typing this from new work place... GRIN... lets see how things turn out!!!!

clit.chatting said...

@ Anomyous
Hmmm....do i know you? and thankyou for leaving a message, though you did not leave your name.,

Anonymous said...

ha ha of course. you do know me. sort of.
anyway take care.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

intriguing blog! :)

whitelight said...

Was fun going thru older posts.