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April 18, 2007

Going again and then not again!

He took her
To the heights she could not reach
And depths she could not fathom.

He made her
Feel things she wanted denied
And thoughts that came at random.

She wanted
To run to him
Fall at his feet
And breathe her last in his mouth.

I have never been poetic and definitely not been able to rhyme. Still cannont in fact. However, strangely, verses make sense to me, especially when He quotes them. He? Unknown, not met, words that invoke havoc in me because he seems to talk words that are meant for me. Only me. It's exciting, reading him, listening to him, talking to him, laughing with him...there's so much in common, even the fact that we have never met. It's a simple case of hopping on a plane and landing before the other...but we both don't want to do it. Too scared, both of us. Even that is in common. Is it a joke, a tease or another cruel caper, the ones that Life seems to love...? I don't know, he says he doesn't know it either. We will find out, I guess. And meanwhile, words make more sense to me than they ever have.


And that is what happens when you have been there and done them. You don't know if the new excitement that you feel is exciting enough... or whether it will lead somewhere. Somewhere too, there is a sort of ennui with all that goes into the dating game, whether real or virtual. You just get tired and somewhat dreary of sending messages, finding out common interests and what kind of music the other listens to, and what they do in their entire day. Because you constantly keep thinking: the other times did not work out and were wasted efforts, what if this one's too...? But then that's life: no pain, no gain!


taurius1 said...

It's fun knowing someone on the same wavelength as you, innit? ^_^

Hope it works out. :) It's fun not meeting, and it's just as fun meeting up. >_<


gaurav said...

Well...as usual...just enjoyin ur writings...pls..keep it up..n mm..still find the saliva n threadin way too off