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April 17, 2007

Indian men cum too soon?

And here I have been screaming hoarse about it for ages....and AGES. One of the reasons why rather libidinous me cannot seem to get my engine revving these days. The fact that Indian men come too soon, or before you have started or before you can even say, "Honey, ARE you in?"
Since most people wont believe me, now the Durex Sex survey also states what yours truly had been ranting about - that Indian men have the shortest staying power in bed. (Vindicated, at least the bad sex feels like research now!)

The report says Indian men last in bed for only about 13 minutes. The TRUTH, ladies AND gentlemen, is 7 minutes. The other 6 (to make the 13) they include in foreplay, which includes parking the car, taking the elevator and taking the clothes off.

HA HA HA, and see the bloody joke: despite their VERY short staying power in bed, Indian men (61 %) are MOST satisfied with their sex lives as against 44% of the ROW. HAHAHAHAH. Not only do the buggers cum soon, they even believe they are doing it right. SHIT. I feel so bad for my fellow indian women.

Interestingly, Indians (men and women) have more sex than the rest of the world : 130 times a year as compared to 103 for the ROW (rest of the world). Really?! I am surprised and some what unbelieving. And since I am not too sure if the survey included sex with inanimate objects and neighbourhood dogs, I am not going to believe this one. I am not getting any, so anyway I am not believing it! :)

Only 46 per cent of Indians report a regular orgasm. And two-thirds of Indian women say they are satisfied with their sex lives, compared to 58 per cent of men. Please revert to the first point in the post and the second point thereafter. Premature ejaculating men who believe they are god's gift to womenkind...AND you expect the chicas to be satisfied? Snort.

While more than two-thirds (67 per cent) of Indians say their sex lives are exciting, 55 per cent recognise the importance of introducing a little experimentation, with telephone sex and massage included as new trial activities. Oh yeah, and ALL of that in 13 minutes. Brilliant. We spend time giving massages and setting up the seduction scenario and then we fall asleep.

And of yeah, teenagers are apprarently having less sex, but each session is apparently 40 minutes long. Quality over quantity...I think I am going to stop thinking about the young ones as "kids". You know, the current generation anyway matures faster. And that 40 minute looks damn near inviting. Hahahahaha.
Yes, catch them young, train them hard and watch them grow. Maybe it's not that bad an idea, being the 'older' woman. (Evil grin)


Shady said...

Well Check the http://www.durex.com/cm/gss2005result.pdf

Read the full survey here

Now Now Now I have a bench mark so I can always compare :D

clit.chatting said...

@ Shady
thats the link for the 2005 Global survey...
the survey being talked about here was conducted in August-September 2006. But yeah, comparative studies always make one feel better. Heh heh

Pirate of the Arabian said...

no one thinks it odd that this survey was done by a phirang company looking to boost sales of sex aids in the country?

Raccoon said...
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Raccoon said...

lol, someones been hanging out only with the respondents of the survey.

I didnt see anything about this in the 2005 survey. And in the 2005 survey Indians reported having sex only 75 times a year...that suddenly jumped to 130 the next year?? what could have happened to explain this spurt in libido? global warming?

trivia for the day: during the cold war, NATO planes sometimes airdropped XXL sized condoms labelled as M over Russian territories so that the ruskies would live in perpetual ignominy.

clit.chatting said...

Yes, Yes Boys,
Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Well not everyone. My average timing, just the sex alone is 40 minutes. I live in germany and have a very experienced russian girlfriend and she has taught me a lot. Even she says that as an Indian I hold on long. I make her cum at least twice. Thats my goal always, although now i have increased it to 3 times.

Anonymous said...

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danielle aldrich said...

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Anonymous said...

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