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April 26, 2007

Wanting, wanting, bad, bad!

In another 9 dyas... some more choices, irrevocably made in a matter of another 365 days. There are people who carry their baggage around, and there are those like me who have it scribbled in notebook margins, phonebooks converted into impromptu journals, on the preface page in books, as wish lists written in coffee bars on dilapidating scraps of tissue paper.

Was going through a series of sporadic wishlists - some written over months and years, others with additions made to them the next day -- lovingly preserved. I was rather surprised to find that over the years, my wishlist has not varied much. While I have added items and experiences here and there, the overall want has remained constant. Which means what? That either I have not changed at all or I have not grown at all? Hmm, I would rather believe that I am consistent...even in the mistakes.

Review time: sharing some random stuff on the list and realising that wishes are not always about 'things' and materials. The usual, the mundane, the instant-gratifications and the lazy satisfactions:

1. Two more tattoos
2. Learn how to fix electrical appliances, sick of calling electricians who don't turn up.
3. Know how to 'make' my own stuff: like call bells, table lamps, own speakers and woofer...
4. Install a solar panel on 'my' house
5. Own a custom-made Chopper: my size, with Clit Chatting inscribed on the number plate.
6. My collection of every possible pair of boots from across the globe: love boots!
7. And weird shaped earthen jars and unusual wooden things...
8. Own a robot or a cyborg (if those happen that is)
9. Get regular medical check ups
10. I love music, but my soul is that of a dancer: have a room just to dance

11. Dance, completely free, to my kind of music amidst high, high sand dunes, the cold sand curling under my toes and the dessert chill making goose bumps on my bare midrif. Dance, maybe to Flirting shadows (Hasan Cihat Orter) or Shanghai Street (DJ Jayant) or Mojave Mix (Afro Celt) or Rain Song (Karmic Labs) or Becoming Insane (Chemical Brothers) or Istanbul (REG Project) ... I go nuts when I fall for the music. And my way of loving the music is to give in. Fuck steps-shteps, I just let go. My mom says I was born with jhatkas. She means it as a rebuke. I love it. :)

12. Shoot my own game, perhaps skin it too...
13. Learn parkour. Practice, basically. Just that I mark very easiliy and walking around with blue-black marks as a chick is not that good an idea. But we shall see.
14. Have an entire collection of crystal animals and birds, every single one of them, I love them.
15. Make a complete bar for dad.
16. Every single animated and childrens' movie, definitely the ones I like.
17.. Have a room full of books, from one wall to another...or perhaps a hall way just lined with books...and huge cushions and rugs strewn around that you can pull anywhere. Pot-pourri, choice of music around, some munchies and a small fridge so that I dont have to walk to the kitchen when I am rapt in a book. Wont mind a body massage chair in here either. Heh.
18. Shoot nudes: men and women.
19. Have a room full of nudes. In pictures. :)
20. Start Adopt A Stray.
21. Physical violence against women: work on that.
22. Learn make-up: from smokey eyes to nude look or whatever: whether i do it or not., I should know how to.
23. Have flat-soled slippers in every possible colour. :) And sarongs!
24. Have a personal masseuse. Hmm. A really hot woman. Or make that a absolutely gorgeous bodied, tanned, biteable, man as my masseur. Sigh.
25. have a talking parrot.
26. Act in a movie...and win an Oscar. :)
27. Dance on stage: as in a performance. Had one at 13, before the then-vice president of the country, solo Bharatnatyam...was a dance drama. Sigh. Funny, how had it been possible for me to join a dance class... would probably have been a Indian classical dancer. Shrug.
28. Start my kitchen idea... holiday cooking, my menu, my venue, you eat.
29. Have a baby. Perhaps. Maybe. Will I? (and stop freaking out at the idea)
30. Bungee jump: i am paranoid of heights. Particularly straight flight of steps...
31. Travel the world: and by that, I mean be able to live with like the locals and THEN say that I have been to a place
32. Meet and kiss Julian Rhind-Tutt. nothing else, just close my eyes, throw my arms around his neck and KISS him. I have SUCH a huge crush on him. THAT smile, it is so wicked. Siiiiiiiigh. AND he rides a Ducati 1000DS Motorcycle. Naked on the show. LOVE it. bitey-bitey-bite-bite.

33. Pay someone to develop technology where whatever I am thinking will type itself out as a blog. This is tiring...
more later....looking at some pictures of Julian. God that hair. I want to further mess it up. Grrr.


Raccoon said...

"While I have added items and experiences here and there, the overall want has remained constant. Which means what? That either I have not changed at all or I have not grown at all? Hmm, I would rather believe that I am consistent...even in the mistakes"

maybe it means that you're not trying?...are too risk averse?...or plain lazy? Or a romantic AND lazy?

About no 20 - www.wsdindia.org - unfortunately its only in bombay right now.

whitelight said...

you listen to Bjork?

clit.chatting said...

@ Whitelight
Nope...not yet, or at least in a way that i would recollect. Any recommendations?

whitelight said...

I think you'll like Bjork. Quirky electronic stuff. Homogenic is a great album. The album is a grower. Requires patience to get into. But worth the wait.

jerry said...

Brilliant. What a room it would be...