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April 30, 2007

The truth about frilly underwear

I really want to know--- how many of you go about buying frilly, lacy, sexy underwear? The kind thats supposed to make you look like a nymph or a sexy siren or oomphs middle name or the seductress who cant be refused and for those who want it, virginal too? How many of you have looked at magazine pictures of women in such T.I.N.Y. panties/thongs/whats-that-lil-triangle-there that you have squirmed.
I have and the thought usually is: "Shit. If getting into a pair of slim-fits wasn't enough, now I have to fit into wisps as well." I do it each time. After years of being 'healthy' and 'rolly polly' and 'chubby' (cute too, ugh), I finally managed to get into lacy boy-shorts without the waist band or the thigh-band curling up... Or cellulite peeking out from somewhere. Even got a semi-bikini wax done to be able to wear the high-cut chads without looking like a bikini under bushy camouflage.

And then I flick through a Vogue and there are these absolutely blissful, adorable little red panties with two little bows to hold it in place! Absolutely SWEET! If that weren't enough, the undy was only supposed to cover enough, showin off you bum crack and at least four inches under the navel. I loved it. And found a similar one at Sarojini Nagar. I love it. One its darned cute. Two, it makes me feel rather, well liberated. And it was recently christened the 'slutty panty'. :( And i didnt even think of sex when buying it. And thats the sad truth. No matter how many frilly, lacy, absolutely delightful, pretty, tiny pieces of undergarments I buy --- they also dont look ugly when laid out for drying --- it will always be thought you buy your stuff to impress someone else. : 10 ways to have a fab weekend...wear lacy undy for him, pack a bra in his tiffin... Sigh. How about buying sexy undy because it looks sexy, feels sexy and you like the way your butt looks in it
PS: Red Bowie is not a slutty underwear, and it is normal to name your underwear too.


Probashi said...

i've found this to be true. women almost always buy sexy underwear to sex up the man. in fact, men will buy ONLY sexy undies for women, never anything practical or safe.

taurius1 said...

Naming underwear is normal? Hm... You learn something new everyday, I suppose. ^_^ I talk to my posessions, and people think that's wierd enough. I dunno if they'll be ready for me naming my underwear yet... :-P