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April 30, 2007

Thinking younger men....

It's amazing how women can find almost any reason for self-pity. Or maybe it's women like me. Maybe it's just me (alarmed).

Spent all of Sunday SP-ing (self-pitying) about no electricity, the ugly, big blue bruise on my right thigh, having to cook for myself and the fact that each time my heart breaks, someone else seems to be happily walking into the sunset, hand in hand with someone else and I am left to bloody click pictures. And there I am left, pitying myself for either being too fat, too loud, too opinionated, too moody, too brash, having different interests, not having long legs, more hair falling, drinking less water, etc etc. Now I have even managed to pity myself for losing 27 kgs. Why did I lose so much weight — what if my boobs sag? A lot of us women cannot be happy till the time we don't have something to pity ourselves for.

When I dated an older man I pitied myself because inadvertently they wouldnt want to shimmy to Hips dont lie or whichever was the most popular number. When dating somewhat-younger men, the pity would be that they dont appreciate Leonard Cohen enough (or dont know of him!). Now I want to date rather-young men, who look real dishes and don't talk too much. I'll know more than them and they'd have enough energy to keep me interested for long(er). Mental connect I shall save for other people.

Yup, that makes me feel much better...except ..What's the age of consent? From what I remember, the debate about what's-the-right-age-for-a-lot-of-things was still left unresolved at 18 or 25. Hmm. Cool, will date those in between.