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April 24, 2007

Kutta dekha kya?

Kutta dekha kya = Seen a dog?

UFFFFFF. It's just been going on in my head....this entire, you-should-write-something-meaningful shite. Arre baba, if you cannot see the meaning, what can I do about it?!

So what do you want to read?

That women are being beaten in their houses daily? Boring, is it not? Of course, it will be. You see it everyday -- your mom perhaps? No? Ah, parents are already divorced, separated or living in different parts of the house, are they? Ah, you did not even notice: the summer vacations you came home, they behaved normally , right? Or your sister....well, she did marry the bugger she loved, so she should have known what she was getting into, right? Have you never wondered why after her marriage, she changed into someone you did not know at all? Or your best friend at school. Have you ever seen her panic when her boyfriend calls her? Or how she cannot really hang out late with you -- even if you are a woman -- because her boyfriend would be unhappy about it? No, no, why should you want to read all this? Whenever a woman writes, it's either labelled fucking feministic or it is writing about sex.

Do you know the number of men who would only like to get inside a woman and fucking fuck
her without evern bothering to see if she has come or even after that if she even likes
what you are fucking doing to her? And no, of course, writing about all that is fucking
pandering to sexual deviants. Sure, hah, a woman ASKING for good sex is a deviant, isn't
she? So what do you want to read about?

Current affairs is it? So you want to read about the Indo-US tiff on nuclear policy (on a blog called eve emancipation?!). Starting off on that note: what are the names of India's top three missile heads? Sure the world will end tomorrow if Iran were to go trigger happy; and let's not even talk about what China CAN do. Russel Peters won't be going 'Tapsumbong' after that. If international relations and the arms race does not interest you, let's try another form of current affairs: Environment.

I was completely awed by the emails that were forwarded about dolphins being massacred on some island. So many people responded to the poor dollies being killed. I have never seen a dolphin in real life. And I am bloody sure that the majority of my country has not either. But since I have seen dolphins on TV, I happily forwarded the email that announced that dolphins have sex for pleasure. It also included humans as the other species that has sex for pleasure, but I don't believe it anymore. I also forwarded that email because it spoke of sex...and as is common knowledge, I can only think/write sex. But I am veering/ diverging/ tangenting/ whatever.

While most people in India have not seen a dolphin - EVERYONE - and I mean everyone, HAS seen a dog. Been barked at by one, cho-chweeted pups on the roadside. Thrown left-overs at. Nearly wet their pants when five dogs have charged at you. Most men - at some point or the other - have felt personally affronted by an alpha dog charging at their bike/car. Basically, everyone has some or the other dog story.

And yet, despite having seen dogs and grown up with them, Bangalore (Bengalodhu is what I say) happened. How many have a mongrel (street dog/pie dog) for a pet? HECK. I love rottweilers, Bernards, pugs and Boxers... but I love a mongrel equally. How many of you dolphin-saving people will join a community that consciouslyworks at ADOPTING mongrel pups? Fuck, I will personally find you a pup, clean it, get it checked, vaccinated and bring him home to you with a bow tie. Just promise that you would treat it right. With every dog lover picking up at least one stray, there won't be no dogs to kill. And please, people brought dogs into the human environs. If today we are crying about three kids having been mauled, well.... (with complete empathy for those who lost their kids)... we have had it coming. Animals cannot talk: dogs have been beaten, children have attached firecrackers to their tails, I've seen a packs of kids - and cute looking things - pelting a pup with stones... the pup went and hid under a truck...and the kids pulled it out and started stoning it again. To be very honest: I wanted to beat the living daylights out of those kids. AARGH. Fuck it.

I shall go write about orgasming... since those dogs are dead, the dolphins are now blubber and people would still have a problem with me wondering about my orgasms... I'd rather shag and be happy than worry about who's having a problem.

Got a mail today that said, "You are a fake."
Yes, I am good at it. Come (cum), I will fake for you as well.


whitelight said...

Oh! Yeah. righteously nasty.

Anonymous said...

i've seen a dolphin which committed suicide (though i did try to help it live) finally i was dissuaded by the "real people" who knew what was happenning. for once, i gave in to folklore and possibly, dolphins are really reincarnated humans.
(the above is 100% true (albeit untold) and i don't want to hear any jokes about psychological counselling for suicidal dolphins)
about stray dogs, we've adopted one stray puppy and its mother. both mother and child are flourishing well. child is even apparently trying to learn the computer (at our office) in the night. will catch it in the act sometime and take a photo.

hope still floats :-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha! just re-read your post!

i got 17 stitches in my upper lip because some alpha dog charged my bike

that's another dog-story for you ;)

ps - just felt like writing. so no need to reply.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! i know this is three much. but couldn't help myself.

there's a species of primate called the bonobo. they have sex for stress-relief (it's like one big hippy commune out there) and surprise..surprise...they are ultra-peaceniks

so i guess, that's one more species of the "sex for pleasure" type

LostLittleGirl said...

Yes,I know.The bloody empathy and heartlessness while thinking of helping AIDS infected in Kerala or something similarly pretentious.

And please don't veer away from your thought...,atleast one place where some can either just be raving 'feminists' or talk sex, erm?....

Shady said...

What no sex dose today ?

Why on earth it happens to me ?