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February 25, 2008

Verse-tality. snort.

There's much to write and have been writing disjointedly, a para in one, two in another. While I thrash out the thoughts, here's some stuff from back and beyond. Starting with a complete one -- my favourite -- and others will a little peek, click on what you like. All the words presented here were written for no one in particular. The words came to me, I wrote, I posted; irrespective of who was or was not in my life. The first one's called, You Are My Ulcer and was written for the soulmate I had not met... not back then that is. Dedicated to the one who miraculously answers it all now... (sends a silent prayer)

You Are My Ulcer a.k.a. Your Skin Is My Sin
I want your skin on me
Vein to vein, feel your scent seep into my pores.
I want to splay my hands across every plane you have,
Cradle, every curve.

I want to bite your calf, kiss the inside of your elbow,
And singe my breast against your ragged jaw.

I want to bite your lower lip,
And feed on it for hours.

I want to kiss; Your brow, your breast, your beard, your naked flesh.
I want to breathe you in; And die afresh.
And I want to see you.
To see if you see that I need you.

I want your skin on me.

I am not ugly anymore
I woke up one morning and realized I loved you.
I woke up another morning and realized you had made a complete idiot out of me. (More...)

I am a product of you
I am a product of you.
The Greatest Slut Born
Who’s not a slut but actually a bitch,
And you don’t get laid when you bitch the bitch (more...)

Maybe baby
If you had 10 years left,
10 years more or less,
Would you call it a curse
Or would you think you're bloody blessed? (more...)

The Shagging Love Song
Fretting here in my studied gloom
Is jes another day spent in purple fumes
I got less time, with many to do
Yet I shag my hand, I'm cravin for you (more...)

Fucking Compatibility
So I met someone rather interesting the other day;
We both were crazy about the movies.
Three days talking cinema, and some generous attention to my boobies;
He still spoke Bogart and Bacall. (more...)

It's just the way you look at me
Root me to where I stand
Make my skin tingle,
And send a shiver up my spine. (more...)

Why did Cinderella stay?
Why did Cinderella stay?
When she could've held the world at her sway? (more...)


Maxine said...

The fear of loosing the office laptop seems to be at top :D

Sends out a prayer too.God bless.