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October 26, 2007

The Shagging Love Song

Fretting here in my studied gloom
Is jes another day spent in purple fumes
I got less time, with many to do
Yet I shag my hand, I'm cravin for you
But nothin ever happens
And I blunder

I'm ridin fine in your arms
I'm ridin you hard, I'm ridin you strong
And it disappears, the vision of you
So I shag my hand, I'm cravin for you
But nothin ever happens
And I blunder

I blunder how, I blunder why
The other day I rode this guy to heaven 'n' nigh
And all I saw was us speeding down the dee-en-dee
The leaves changed from green to brown
And I turn my finger, turn it up, in 'n' around
And all I saw was of us speeding down the dee-en-dee

Isolation is not good for me
Isolation - I don't wanna think of us on the dee-en-dee
I'm dancin' around, using every ploy
Baby anyhow I gotta do another guy
And though much will happen,
It'll be a blunder

(Or whatever.)

"You hate men?! WHY?" This was not from any anonymous, but an acquaintance of a few shared night outs, amongst hordes of others. Another said on another conveyed chat, "Tell her to go back to the old Eve. She's gone mad."

Hmm. I don't hate men. I write about a particular kind of Men and they do exist. No matter how anyone, very moronically, will first read this blog and then thrash around on the floor in agony. Then while denying any "hatred" towards women, go on to wish me triple penetrations, rape, sodomy, gang-rape and fellatio. (Hain? Fellatio as a way of TIRING a woman? Excuse me. If the woman is angry and claims to have a temper like mine - verifiable by people - why would anyone ask for a blowjob? Or risk it?) Gangrapes, yes, are usually known to kill a woman than merely tire her. Wow. This anonymous person has strong anti-me feelings. And THEN the person claims to be a man AND wonders as to WHY I wrie nastily about men. Or, a particular kind of men.

Oh there are AMAZING men. I have met them too. They are the ones who are around when the nasty boys and the beastie boys have had their way. Most certainly, I have abetted in my own misery very willingly. Many so-called strong people who appear quite cant-ruffle-their-feathers and capable of looking after themselves, change when they (think they) fall in love. I think such people just like the idea of letting go of the control and either looking after someone else or being looked after and therefore lose control of their own vulnerability. They show their weak spots. They give (in). They get fucked-over. Ditto.

Is it strange, that even the AMAZING men who are there in my life have had some sort of Nasty Love Story? It involves the female version of the nasty-boys. At times I wonder, if the beasties hurt me and the good ones are around, WHY doesn't anything work out anywhere? Neither of us are interested. Many of my single, eligible friends have their own set of single, eligible friends and yet, no one dates anyone and everyone remains single and eligible. I suspect they fuck though.

When certain people ask "what's so special here?" (no, it doesn't 'bother' me, I like to be able to answer questions posed to me), I think of the Few Good Men. I think all people should think of them (haha, few good people, not necessary for men to think of men, heh) when questioned by nasties. Science says that for a man and woman to be friends, attraction is a must. Whether you choose to do something about it or not is another matter. I suspect that sometimes opposite-sex friendships are also based on pity, when one lets the other hang around becase (a) it doesn't make a difference to you (b) you like your ego pampered and (c) when you know the other is 'dependent' on you and therefore you apply (a) But the pity-friendships don't last, the stronger person usually pulls out on first signs of trouble. Anyway. I think of my good male-friends and the fact that they are bloody good human beings, intelligent men, funny men, capable men, men with spine AND they are my friends. There HAS to be something special about me to have them around. Likewise for all of us... even one good person in our lives negates any number of Nasties.

Erm. I have already declared that I am a pessimist-trying-to-control-it person. So the corresponding negative-thought to the positive-good-men-like-me-thought would be ---> What if these men have YOU around as a pity-friend, Eve*?`Considered that 'sweety'?" But then I am also a perfectionist and like to cover all loop-holes. Or perhaps I am being a typical woman, typically needing constant validation of affection? Hmm. Let's fucking be positive for this moment at least. That's the problem with losing trust you know, you fucking doubt everything. Even your own positive thoughts.

Blah. This post is supposed to be Positive, or was. Reclaiming positivity... Few Good Men (so far): He got me interested in new words, 'chutzpah' being the first he threw at me. He who offers a conversation and company when most needed and shows me brilliant films. He who spends an idle, ideal day that translates into evening and night and doesn't ask any questions when I shut-up for hours at an end. (also the reason why I should perhaps not go to anymore
parties, I go to sleep.) He who's offered me a roof time and again, without a single motive or me giving anything back, ever. Some strangers who have strangely shielded me from other strangers around when I'm trying to get a drink for myself over the bar... I'm short, I get crowded out. So these strangers would just sort of ward off others, buying me the time to get a drink, smile politely, let me pass. They never touch. It's SUCH a nice feeling.

And club bouncers! Ha, ha, there used to be one at Pluto's (now dead restobar that I frequented on Thursday nights way back in 2000-2003) me thinks, who could raise a brow. I never spoke to him, but when I'd get there and be dancing, he'd keep and eyebrow out for me and would arch it threateningly at any not-so-nice company around me. He was my personal Rock. Heh. Uff. I'm digressing into stories... Or he who calls randomly, messages randomly, checks on me and I always make a promise of calling back and follow through religiously by not doing so. And so on and so forth. Can't write anymore, somehow, these stories are more personal.

PS: Notes to self
Romantic: Men don't like you.
Cynic: Yes, I know. (scowl) Aren't you supposed to be dead?
Ghost Romantic: I'm haunting you. Besides, what are you going to do about men not liking you?Cynic: Nothing. Shrug.
GR: Writing 'shrug' is not cool, by the way.
Cynic: shrug.
GR: You are SUCH a teenager. What do you mean nothing?
Cynic: There are some things you can do nothing about...
GR: Stop being mysterious, doesn't suit you. You're very bad at it...
Cynic: Shrug. Like the sun rises from the east. You can do nothing even if your room is placed anti-Feng Shui directions.
GR: You're trying to be cool again.
Cynic: Yes. Shrug. At least I try. Somethings can be changed, somethings can't. Men don't like me. Period.
GR: Hmm...
Cynic: Dy'er maker...
GR: Medicine...
Cynic: Let's go sleep.


Maxine said...

Poetic posts are always nice :)

Men dont like you?Men do like you.Its just that they dont want you to talk so true about them....blog about them.Like the nasty one here,what he expects is you to say good things about him.And then go on being nasty himself....ah...he should be a closed case,me thinks.

Its not that some women hate men.Its just that there is a certain amount of hope or expectation that if there were men who matched that persons thoughts,she could have just fallen in love,or trust him or whatever.And as long as the mind wants something and the men delivers something else,the difference will be called hate? hmm.

Anonymous said...

the poem was a re freshing change...be nicer & smile more....u have that innocence thats so beautiful....there are many good things out there for u...all in good time....

Anonymous said...

Try a New sport

eve* said...

there are nice anonymouses too! Wah. what new sport re... someone suggested Aikido, which i wouldnt mind, but so far no clue how to get to the dojo... Would enjoy squash, no partner, ditto for tennis. Basketball is out, too small for it and cant throw that high. Also those playing with me get impatient since i keep missing the ball. Cricket too i'd enjoy, but show me another 28-year-old chick who wants to play cricket, and i'd give you a tea,/

Crimson Feet said...

very refreshing! :)

somethings makes sense said...

Here u go, i think if you manage to stay clear from injuries,u would enjoy it.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art synthesised by its Founder Morihei Ueshiba, during the 20th century. This martial art is the synthesis of traditional ju-jutsu (pinning & throwing techniques), swordsmanship (ken-jutsu), staff techniques (jo-jutsu) & other internal martial traditions to form what is currently called Aikido. Traditional Aikido utilizes throws, pinning techniques & evasions to defeat attackers. Aikido also includes classical sword & short staff techniques to help develop strength, coordination & fundamental skills necessary for Aikido.

The technique of Aikido are circular in nature & are not designed to stop attacks or to conflict with them. Instead aggressive motions are converted into circular movements that render attackers helpless. Aikido techniques allow the attacker’s movements to continue & complete themselves naturally, so that the attack is diverted& redirected harmlessly. The Aikidoist is trained not to cripple, but to apply various wrist & joint locks, pins & unbalancing throws to neutralize aggressors without serious injury to either the aggressor or the Aikidoist. The movements are like motions of a sphere, which rolls effortlessly along, joining mind & body.

Both men & women, regardless of age or size, can practice aikido. The techniques are based on movement rather than strength & there is no competition. Aikido is practical self-defense & helps to develop balance, co-ordination, concentration & conditioning.

Aikido & Health

Traditional Asian medicine often promotes a “hands on “ approach to healing. So while the locks & pins in Aikido are designed to immobilise an opponent, they also stimulate the joints & serve as a vigorous form of massage. Aikido is a healing art.

Like any system of physical training, Aikido is good for one’s health. Regular practice stretches the body, improves circulation & helps to co-ordinate one’s breathing with balanced & harmonious movement. Aikido practice & the meditative space of the Dojo can help to decrease & transform our day-to-day nervous stresses. Further more by stimulating both physical & mental faculties, Aikido encourages harmony in the whole being. It helps us manifest both our inner & outer beauty.

New Delhi Aikido Dojo

Established in November 2004, our dojo is promoting traditional Aikkikai style Aikido in India. Sensei Paritos Kar, 4th dan black belt, is the founder & chief instructor of this Aikido school. Based on his 15 years of training in Aikikai headquarters, Japan, he is presently one of the most experienced Aikido instructors in India.

The dojo in New Delhi is one of the most active Aikido Schools in India, with classes twice daily. As of December 2006, there are about 30 active students. Many of the current students have experience in other martial arts. A few of the current students are ranked 1st kyu (brown belt) or above. At the dojo all kinds of people men & women, Indian & international students, train together co-operatively.

New Delhi Aikido Dojo, Pacific Sports Complex,
Andrews Ganj, New Delhi 110 019
Contact nos: (+91) 9899822332, (+91- 11) 29544860. (Sensei Paritos Kar)
E-mail: paritos1@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.aikikaiindia.com
Practice schedule: 6.30 to 8.00
Evening schedule: 7.30 to 9.00
(Monday to Saturday). For detailed practice schedule, please visit our website.

catmiester said...

I love the song...
Its hilarious ( was it meant to be?! or are we talking serious shit here?!)

hehehe... keep it coming
meet me!
meet me!
meet me!

Cikgu Shida said...

nice lyrics, Nice Post :)

Cerita dewasa said...

Nice Song, i like it

CPNS 2013 said...

Nice love song :)