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February 13, 2008

New poll up: Ugly men and pretty women!

URGENT: Chat box infiltration. Some arsehole is posing as me and posting replies in the chat box... two responses declaring "i am ghost" and that "pillsbury atta" one are NOT by me. Am off the chat box, feel free to leave comments there. And once the IP is tracked, will deal with things then. Rgds.

Hello! There's a new poll up -- check top right corner -- please do participate and let's see what we all have to say.
Taking Espera's suggestion, here go the results of the previous poll -- a 108 of you replied -- the corresponding article will soon follow:
Women dress up provocatively because:
1. She likes men letching at her 10 (9%)
2. She doesn’t want her man to look at other women 11 (10%)
3. She does not like other women looking better than her 17 (15%)
4. She likes looking hot and wants to feel good about herself 88 (81%)
5. She wants to keep her man on his toes by reminding him that she can get any other man she wants 29 (26%)