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January 14, 2008

We, The People... Don't fornicate?

So hello everyone.

Eve* (aka Clit Chatting) will soon be growing up or developing from what she has been so far (a "well written angst blog" as an ashamed-to-say-he-knows-me author once called it) and other ruder names (it's not 'chicklit' darlings, this is CLIT lit).

Had always wanted this blog to be stories about women... The tagline says, "From the big O to the big E". It has taken time and so far have mostly written about the Big O (which ALL of you noticed) and sporadically about some of the E (emotion, which most of you chose to ignore). But now, me thinks, am ready to take Clit Chatting further, to talk emancipation with ALL the Eve's out there. And perhaps some Adams too. How? What? When? You will all see shortly.

This blog has experiences and learnings from my life and from those of others. We shall continue to see more of that. But lesser about me. (Not interested anymore? Click the cross on the top right of the page)

Those who have stuck around on Eve* from the days this blog started to the suddenly-curious who-the-hell-is-she and are now logging on; thankyou. Even to those who are blaming me for a TV channel having the supposedly-crappiest episode of their talk-show... Please call NDTV and blast them for the bloggers they chose for their show. I neither know Barkha Dutt personally nor have promised sexual favours (to her or else!) to get on that show.

Oh yeah, the show. For those who read this blog from across the globe and are going what-show?: There's this TV channel called NDTV and this famous journalist called Barkha Dutt who does this show called "We The People" and debates about issues/ topics concerning India. The topic for Sunday night (Jan 13th) was "Brave world of blogs" and yours truly was one of the eight panelists on the show and one of the LEAST known bloggers of them all (haha, most of the bloggers present hadn't heard of Eve*, grin).

There was one marketing blog, three personal blogs (including this), another blog on people, a lawyer (to answer: what if blogs defame people?), a journalist (who surprisingly was supposed to give her views when she didn't even read blogs) and a shrink (think the channel wanted the bloggers to look like attention-deficit creatures). Overall, a great experience because Eve* decided that the only way to not get nervous before cameras was to make them nervous. (I think I also looked like a jack-in-the-box, everyone was sitting very gracefully while I kept sort of, fidgeting, hmmm, don't think am cut out to do an Oprah anytime soon!)

So anyway. Changes in the offing, new format, MORE people, more talk of everything that concerns human beings and yes, sex too (unless you are either not human or dont have sex). Thankyou for sticking around and please do stop sending nasty comments anonymously, at least put a name to it. Try fabricating one.

As for those suggesting I should have sex and call me 'Ice Princess'. Thankyou for your concern, am having sex, it's quite nice and 'Ice Princess' is Aishwarya Rai. Again, for those who have a problem with how I write, what and why: Please DON'T read. Hit counts have not mattered so far and will not in the future either. For those who suggest that I should kill myself for writing what I do: How about you dying? Promise I won't miss you!!

On that note... Let's have some fun this year. Yeah baby!

PS: I got lazy writing the Dirty Night series; if you see the regularity of updates on this blog, am very lazy. But got some fun posts, just let me get myself to write those.


Guru said...

Looks like i'm the first one to comment here, got to watch the re telecast of the show( it got over just a few mins back) and decided to check out the blog featured there immediately, so here i am. And i'm really surprised to find that the stats don't do justice to your content.

I'm going to get back later and browse your archives, for now bookmarkd' your blog and i've also subscribed to your feed.

Rock on!!


Y said...


I saw the show just now on the net, and came to your site through the Mad Momma.

I thought you were great on the show, really - and thought Barkha was doing a poor job of interviewing or moderating - interrupting, making silly jokes, and trying generally to be provocative. It's definitely the NDTV team's fault for making the episode kind of crappy overall!

But you really held your own! It was great. Congrats.

Y said...

umm...that didn't come out quite right...Barkha was trying to ask provocative questions...and not 'generally trying to be provocative'.

Maxine said...

Look at those hits!
I feel like I should be all dressed up while reading this very own space.
Too cool!

And oy new faces....Senior here.Respect...respect! hmm.

~junkie said...

We, the people was crappy, but am thankful to it for introducing me to your blog :)

and, yeah i agree that the stats dont do any justice to the content :P

ALEXIS said...

I saw u on the show yesterday and yea it was kind of a bad episode considering the usual level of we the ppl shows...and i think by calling ppl like u, who have entire blogs dedicated to sex, it kind of took away from the level at which the discussion cud have reached , u came across as brazen and one who has a devil may care attitude, u may not be tht way but tht's how u seemed..anyways..have fun...

sathya said...

I agree with you, the show sucked. Ms Barkha Dutt - I really didnt know what she had in mind but the questioning and the way she went about the whole show pretty much screwed the entire show.

By the way - you - tried to be extra cocky huh? The emphasis, with a three second stress on IBNlive.com and a general air of snootiness in your answer and an arrogant air of self importance.

I am yet to go through your past posts - may be your posts are beautiful may be they are not. But I read a couple on the main page - and saw you on the show. You look so outright dis-pleasing (refrained from ugly) on the show, and with that snootiness - who would ever want to give you a good FUCK? - Unless drunk on generous amounts of indian made foreign liquor. Probably thats where you get the content for most of your posts.

PS: Btw I found the other lady blogger - Ms Madhavan pretty - Unlike you!
Ah! now the narcissist that you are, will loudly proclaim that people who write such comments just despise your guts and candour! Rock on lady.

sathya said...

Here I go back reading your posts


Nandu Narasimhan said...

Ow! So much anger, but then, the way the TV show panned out wasn't your problem.

I've just started reading your blogs, and in all hnesty, I not only find them funny, but also thought-provoking.

Keep writing, for someday, your blogs might just cause the impossible revolution - one where men respect women for all the things they are.

S said...

Hi.Came here from the Mad Momma's blog link.

You came across as strong and self assured on the show .. given the fact that it must have been quite a pressure cooker kinda scenario on the set what with all the chastising and patronizing ... gotta say, very impressive. Good for you!

Sathya said...

Thanks lady for those generous comments on my blog... next time use your name/pseudonym - it doesnt require too much of guts?


Eve* said...

Hello Sathya,
Please check the IP: have not bothered to check out your blog. Wasn't me, as a rule, abhor anonymity as far as I am concerned.

Maxine: Did you leave a comment on this person's blog? For I sure have not.

Sathya said...

Ok Just checked the IP... maps to some lansing Michigan. The next one mapped to ABTS Delhi - thats why I got carried away.

I am sorry!


Sathya said...

And Regarding words in comment #7 . I apologize for the words used. I am sorry for the words, which I used in the third paragraph.

I realize in retrospect, probably the freshness of the day that I am no one to pass such comments, and it does reflect bad on me!
Sorry again!

delete that comment if you can...

Rinkx said...

You did come across as being over-confident, I won't deny it. But, with the audience they had over there, you didn't have a choice. So, well done. I read your blog after the show and thought it was interesting. Thought provoking, to be precise. I think the biggest flaw of our Indian mentality is to generalize and that was clearly exemplified in We, the people! Bravo, nonetheless - to the ones that can think outside the box!

Jappy Boy/Man said...

Hey Eve,
I wanted to watch that crappy show of Bitchy Barkha but just couldnt stay awake with all that patronising and political correctness (may be its a "secular" channel thats why). But what disturbs me is a bunch of jokers have come in and have started saying they dont like the way you look or what you write. My sincere advise to such guys - please keep off. Long time Clitchatting and Eveemancipation fans like me (add Indian shitizen too) enjoy reading your blog and want to give you a thumbs up for doing so
keep up the good work
Screw NDTV anyways


Sathya said...

Jappy Man/Boy - I admire your propensity for admiration. But kindly read my apology in the comment two above yours!

Eve* said...

Jappy...and all others supporting,
Thankyou. HOWEVER, something needs to be clarified here. I dont know what NDTV's intentions were with that show...titilation, TRPs whatever. Maybe they ended up conveying that blogging is only sex or whatever. However, since it's a pre-recorded show, let me share something with all. They could have edited Minakshi's, Vikram's and my comments and made us look like sleaze bags, they didn't. Knowing what the original comments were, they did not edit those and we got a chance to say what we wanted to-- of course given the direction the questions were going in. As for Barkha...she was NOT bitchy to anyone, why be bitchy to her? IF at all you/me/we have a problem with the way that episode turned out, how about sticking to criticising the SHOW and leaving out making personal attacks on Barkha?

If you are standing up for me...how can you be bitchy to another person? just because you might not like who she is or what she stands for does not give anyone the right to call her names, justified or not.

It makes me uncomfortable. Not here please. Not here.

Jappy Boy/Man said...

Sorry abt the "bitchy" comment and all that was unpleasent about my comment. Quite oxymoronic (rather 'moron'ic) of me to defend someone by attacking someone else.
Well the Gist was that you have supporters in us


ursjina said...

e might have difference of opinion in our ideas and ideologies...But in the Show I thought you were the boldest and kudos to u for that...It requires spunk to stand up for urself like that..great going gal..:)

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hi..i saw the program twice..though i like barkha dutt but have to say that u rocked...to be true it was then that i came to know about ur blog and after reading i decided to write a blog where all the stupid posts i put in ma previous blog shall not be there. I'm taking this a bit serious nw. Probably it will help me in more than 1 way. I've liked the way presented ur posts. Great job..pls continue..its nt only gud to read but i feel there's lot to learn..
may god bless you...

Shruti said...

i forgot ur name...sorry...but i think u call urself tanya..i watched u on NDTV and i was thinking 'finally a woman i wanted to know'.....u rock dude!n ur blog's great too!

Maxine said...

Yeah...Eve, It was me who left a comment on Sathya's blog.And I do apologise for not using 'Maxine'. I should have.The comment I left in his was'nt nasty nor rude but something that sure would hurt.

Sathya:Apologise to you too for not keeping a 'name'and using a random something that reflected my comment.And listening to the discussion on NDTV just some hours ago, it was stupid of me to do that.But glad to read your other comments here.Thanks for that.Even if you have to say anything against ,please avoid being so rude.

Thats all.

Sathya said...

Maxine: Yeah, what I posted as a comment yesternight was extremely rude. Apoloized for that. Easy to blame it on sleeplessness - but obviously it wouldnt be as superficial as that. The words used by me, and the central theme of the later part of my comment is seriously unpardonable.

I wish/request the author delete's that comment...


Saravanan said...

Hello eve..You were great on the show..i am just a beginner to this whole blogging world and I dont know to put sophisticated words and ideas(as others did) into my appreciation for u..U were great on the show and any woman watching the show would have found atleast the slightest of changes in her life after knowing about u and ur blog..Let ur work prosper...

Mystique said...

blech, now i wish i'd watched we the people.......
sadly i don't have cable tv.
i see that as an advantage though......

Anirudh said...

Ok I know this sounds really stupid.... But can anybody give me the link of this video wherever it is on the net !!!

Eve* said...

Anirudh, why should it be stupid? :) Here goes the link:


Sakhi said...

Hello Eve. :)
Read the current post.
Saw the show last night.
Like I'd mentioned to you on FB, the show could have been made much better, even with the topic in hand. But alas...if people could only grow up!! *deep sigh*
Anyway...Keep up the good work.
Would definitely be back for more.
Cheers...S m i l e