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January 24, 2008

It’s the simple things, stupid.

That can make you very happy or fucking pissed off. Like writing a post on ‘simple things’ because other planned-out posts need researching.

1. being able to write ‘fucking’ without putting asterisks on it.

2. passing wind in bed silently – as opposed to the big bangs and prefer ‘passing-wind’ to farting because it’s more lady-like, ahem) and the Partner saying, “Ah, now that you did that, our relationship has moved to the next level.” (And secretly thanking that it didn’t stink, wonder how many levels does that make?) Yes, women pass wind too, and if yours doesn’t, she’s doing the silent, non-smelly ones.

3. putting up a post on Potty Survey and people actually answering and accepting they read shampoo labels when no reading material is around.

4. finding a blogger – award-winning type, also been on Blogs of Note – commenting on one of the posts and feeling VERY good about it.

5. old ‘blog friends’ complaining about ‘invasion of privacy’ because now there are more people reading you.

6. old blog friends meeting new people in your chat window and getting along with each other. J

7. bourbon biscuits dipped in hot, sweet coffee. Yum.

8. cold pasta-and-chicken-in-schezwan sauce (that you didn’t make) and that still tastes good particularly when you want to eat SOMETHING and cannot be bothered to cook. Even if it’s three days old. Hail technology hail refrigeration!

9. finding friends online who will make phone calls to grocery stores when your phone outgoing is barred.

10. good service at a little known restaurant followed by excellent food.

11. salesman who show you as many things as you want to see and still smile at you even if you didn’t buy anything.

12. bartenders who remember your drink even though you are not a ‘regular’.

13. local grocery store guy recognizing your voice when you call for stuff.

14. big, burly men getting scared of your dog – who you know does not bite anyone – and not daring to come anywhere near a locked gate. Hahaha, it’s a LOAD of fun when Golu scares people shitless.

15. an instant come-back line and a good one when you want to shut that bitch up.

16. jumping on to a soft spring mattress and into a goose-down quilt, which has already been warmed for you. And no, it’s not a heater.

17. cuddling next to a very warm body when your limbs are freezing cold and FEELING the transfer of heat even while the other squirms.

18. little kids waving back at you from inside cars or autos even in busy traffic. They just LOOK so interested in you.

19. being able to talk ‘kids’ with your partner without the other going into nervous spasms or reminding you that “it’s in the future.”

20. getting to a ‘know’ a blogger you read and realizing with delight that she is an awesome person as well.

21. calling up a celebrity – say big time Bollywood star – five years after you interviewed them and they remember the headline of your story.

22. and the reverse… When you panned a big-time movie – and were voted the Worst Online Reviewer (pssst, the movie was ‘Black’) and another big-time personality finds your number and calls and congratulates you on an excellent piece.

23. name-dropping like above two points without name-dropping. Hah.

24. being in your bed clothes even at 7 pm – with morning hair, which is now evening – and someone still thinks you are pretty.

25. being able to say “I love you” without thinking if the other will think you are being a pile on. The other being your female best friend.

26. being ill and borrowing a thermometer from the neighbours when they offer you a crocin and insist you eat it before them.

27. being the boss of your word count. It’s your blog after all.


Maxine said...

28. reading simple things that makes
blog friend happy and finding yourself in the list :)

Ravi said...

A very nice list, mam!

And, I completely agree with you on point no.7 :o)

Take care :o)

Jay said...

"7. bourbon biscuits dipped in hot, sweet coffee. Yum."

Oh, that does sound yummy!

Great list!

Itchingtowrite said...

no 9...the power of internet! feel good factor!!

a nice good lunch and walking out in the afternoon sun, leisurely, sleepy... and no engagements to go to after that

the mad momma said...

bourbon biscuits and hot coffee top my list. now that i know that i am not alone in my eccentricities i can die happy.

and come JB..who cares abt the big bloggers commenting. ?? we little people potter away for ourselves, i thought :)

Itchingtowrite said...

made my own list after seeing yours

nice idea for a tag!!

Eve* aka jb said...

Maxine: hugs my girl, be strong and get working on "those" things.

Ravi: that's comfort food you know!

Jay: Surprise this is to find you here, loved the blog.

Itchy: You're true to your name aren't you...am gonna read your list, heh.

Momma: (stands in corner, holds ears) not THAT way, it's a blogger i've admired for long..as in, his writing. heh.

And, did I mention: early morning hugs and a roll in the sack? :D (actually more than a roll) bwahaha

needoffocus said...

some of my smallish happy things are:

1. Eating sugarcane and peanuts with Jaggery on a monday afternoon in the balcony Sun, when the rest of the world is sitting in a dingy cubicle.

2. calling a friend, who does not pick up, but messages back immediately how she is going to call later. Dont care if she never does.

3. Watching free documentaries on google videos :)

4. Making a to do list of very small, meaning less things in the morning, trudging through them during the day and ticking them off. Whew! what satisfaction!

5. Writing a vague piece on my blog and thinking i'm being productive :)