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January 19, 2008

Random realizations on a random Saturday morning...

1. Having someone else make your morning cup of coffee is a luxury… Unless the coffee isn’t how you want it! And then you appreciate that someone does it for you nonetheless.

2. If you keep things strewn around on the floor, you WILL kick your foot against something or the other. And it will always hurt. Ugh.

3. No matter how sexy it looks in movies and soap operas, walking around in high heels in the kitchen will only make you spill things more. I don’t know how spilling things and heels correlate, but they bloody do!

4. Never send print outs of your writings to your father without re-proof reading them. Dad will ALWAYS find spelling mistakes that no one else had spotted.

5. It’s a good idea to keep your mouth shut when the husband of a woman you like decides to provoke you by talking about what you write.

6. It’s always a good idea to look into your partner’s eyes – and feel reassured – when others are giving you the shits.

7. If you let your partner’s ex- bother you… s/he will bother you.

8. Your being bothered about your partner’s ex has NOTHING to do with your partner – who loves you all the same – it’s because of the demons in your head.

9. Having said that, you will always KNOW when your partner loves you and when s/he is taking you for a ride. IF it’s the latter, ensure that you are a better rider!

10. If you don’t keep keys in their right place the previous night, keys will have a mysterious tendency to disappear just when you need them. Usually when you’re getting late to get somewhere.

11. If your mom calls and says she “just wanted to speak to you for no reason”, it means she is missing you and feeling lonely. Sigh.

12. The first born is ALWAYS closer to a mother’s heart, even if she loves her other children to bits. (I am the first born! Yea!)

13. It should always be appreciated when ANY mother announces, “My child is my life.” No one else but the mother will understand exactly what she means.

14. If you are close to motherhood-age and you see pics of your friends having babies, DON’T get nervous. You will get your chance, sooner or later… (erm, hopefully)

15. Of course, once you have kids, it’s a lifetime occupation. So you better bloody be prepared!

16. You should always appreciate your partner when s/he first complains about dog piss on the floor… and then proceeds to clean it every morning without asking you to. And train the bloody dogs. Sigh.

17. Not everyone has the taste for yeast.

18. Sometimes, people are scared of funny things, like beetroot. All inconsequential fears are to be respected. But if you can feed them beetroot in another form and they don’t realize, don’t tell them! Haha.

19. Men don’t forget to check cricket scores or sports at any given time…even when cuddling. Bloody Ponting!

20. Sometimes, inspiration is sitting on your left side… or right! Just turn your head and you’d see a smile that warms your heart. If there’s no one, put a bloody picture up! J

21. If you suck at quizzes, ensure you never get involved in one publicly. Never show them your weak points, or as far as you can avoid it.

22. If you have an expressive face in real life, tone down the eyebrow movement on TV, you’d look like an idiot. K

23. Men ALWAYS look good with morning hair and stubble and sleep eyes. Sigh, not us women though. Instantly comb your hair when you wake up, else you look like one of the witches of Hamlet. Grr.

24. some posts can ramble, know when to stop.

PS: Bad oil gives you pimples and constipation


suddenrealization said...

Though random, extremly relevant. Thanks. Did you see the doc about quitting? Was it any good?

Ravi said...

Hilarious article!!

You've got a gr8 blog, mam :o)

I've added your blog to my Google Reader and now onwards, I would be a regular reader of your content..

Maybe, I would learn something good every dgtime I read your articles..

Take care!

Pointblank said...

lovely reading! I did notice the eyebrow movement though! and the attitude too! but was tat for real??

Eve* said...

Pointblank...the eyebrows are real! And have a life of their own. Most things are for real, will tell when am pretending. :D

realisations...saw the doc, will be filing that bit soon...an introductory piece and then hopefully will share every bit of the 'treatment' with everyone. shitting bricks here.

Yo Ravi.. thankyou. will see you around here then!

Senior said...

15.and if you have just one child,prepare yourself to play 'house'or let her put batteries inside you and dance when she press the remote!!and everything imaginary only a child can come up with.

12 is not a pleasant read for someone who is...well..the third born :/, and especially at a time when s/he is looking for reassurance that it may not be the case :/

Now a question:
What to do when your partner makes some excuses to check up on your internet activities,like sitting just behind when you are online and pretending to do something else.And wont go away until you do!arrg!

Pointblank said...

lol! I meant the attitude! Lol! Lol! Lol!

anuj said...

quite random ..
bt ya its grt how u put thm in wrds so easily .. I wud have to figure out n thn it wont b random nemore ..

for me .. turn off ur laptop/comp bfr u sleep cause the songs tht put u to sleep can irritate u the random sat mornin ..


ps: there is a lot of fin writing here abt a lot of things .. n who said this blog was all (or more) abt sex :O

vEENs said...

ummm!!! nice!

Don't put your books or other stuff on the front room table when you are rushing out.. some one will spill tea all over them :)

I like the way you write.. the words just flow! I need to learn a lot ;)

And yes I am privileged to be the 1st born :)

LilOne said...

i love ur blog. i read u religiously on ibn also :)

its wonderful to have someone like u blogging!!!