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January 21, 2008

Commonwealth Games 2010: The SCAM

Since some of you are reading here and checking, you SHOULD know: this is what I do officially, some of the time at least. Rest of the times I write features, fiction and farce. PLEASE do read these stories and see the videos. It is VERY important.

And Sheila Dikshit does it again and again and again. By the time the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi goes out of power, she would have raped the city of its water, its trees and every single thing that makes Life. At times, she is so much like a locust, sucking life out and destroying everything. Delhi had always been known for its greenery... But if this lady and her so-called development loving government are not stopped, there won't be much recognisable in the city that was once Indraprastha. For those NOT aware of Sheila's other development plans -- Yarra to Yamuna anyone? -- please follow these links. All for development. Who's, can someone tell us?
Commonwealth Games 2010: Real-estate scam, environmental disaster
1. Games village: Delhi's death trap
2. Games village: Flouting ALL environmental laws
3. Games village: Sitting duck for disaster
4. Games village: The real estate SCAM
5. INTERVIEW with Sheila Dikshit: 'Delhi should be second to none' (at what cost?)
Death of Delhi's trees


avijit bakshi said...

Finally read all the way to 21.9.06..Great that you started this in a city like delhi, which is known for its negative attitude towards women, not that the rest of the country is much better. Kind of poetic that the place that has a reputation for crimes against women should produce someone who speaks out for herself/women. Feels like poetic justice.

Admire your bravery, I couldn't be half as brave.

Another thought. About the vituperative comments. The have two threads running through them. The first is the constant abuse which usually transalates into a refrain of 'I can't deal with this blog'. The second is a constant plea to ask you to stop writing. Which means that not only can't they can't deal with it, but it hurts so much that they also want you to stop. Your blog, in effect, is constant torture to those who consistently send you hate mail. You basically have them writhing in pain or something like it.

Another thought. What authority hates most is not opposition, but ridicule. In this case the self imposed authority of generations of men thinking of themselves as the superior gender. Your laughter really pricks that collective bubble of superiority.

Great work. Keep going. Will keep reading.

Take care