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January 30, 2008

New poll up!

Hello everyone
Please see the top right corner of this page and do participate in the poll/survey. We will be doing this -- different polls and questions -- from time to time to get an idea of what we think, what we agree on and what we all are happy disagreeing on. Do vote and let's see what the general consensus is! :) And yes, thankyou all for answering the Potty Survey... The results and reasoning behind the poll will be posted soon (enough!).

PS: Letching wrong spelling (thanks Lops!) = Leching.


Pointblank said...

hey eve... to make the results clearer, I think we should have one for men n one for women!

Ravi said...

I agree with Pointblank :o)

Shady said...

aila my opinion matches with 48% bahhh

Anonymous said...

For someone who may stand up for individual identity, this poll is a little too odd. hence have decided not to vote