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October 6, 2006

Bored of riding my boyfriend

Just a little conversation I had a with a gal-pal on IM...

Pretty Eyes: this is ur blog?
Me: yes, what do you think?
Pretty Eyes: neat may sound a bit feministic though & ur BF aint gonna be happy ;)
me: what is feministic? he doesnt know yet and its about the women. So WHAT is feministic?
Pretty Eyes: the definition of this word (feministic) is so twisted that speaking out ur mind & thoughts is feministic .... and hey, i quite endorse calling a vagina VAGINA ... hey so freaking true!
me: what's true?
Pretty Eyes: most men being bad in bed m yet to find one whos good
me: hahahahahaha, same here chica!
Pretty Eyes: have you noticed how quickly the physical attraction you have for a guy fades?
me: oh tell me about it ...
Pretty Eyes: as they r NEVER willing to put ur desires above there's, i swear
me: :) AGREED, because after a while a BOOR is not attractive!
Pretty Eyes: & even if they do ask honey wat do u want ... it fucking ends with u on top so minimal work for him
Pretty Eyes: with him getting max pleasure
me: and THEY convince you that YOU like woman on top!
Pretty Eyes: totally
me: "it gives you more control" ... no you bugger i want you on TOP and grunting
Pretty Eyes: but believe u me most women know the top by the end of it ... our generosity (for lack of a better word) that we do it
me: :P and do not forget the blow job ... ALways willing for it never willing to give it
Pretty Eyes: u go downtown i stay uptown.... most of them cant even work good uptown ... suck, at that too in the bad sense!
me: squeeze me baby and theyre fuckin squeezin your nipples out
Pretty Eyes: ha ha! thank god for pillows!
me: haha, yeah for when you are smothering your laughter and for men having deep sleep most of the times i have had to shag myself to sleep
Pretty Eyes: that and when they fail to deliver!
me: fuckers ... which is mostly and ..STILL have the balls to ask "how was it for you?
Pretty Eyes: i know they come means game over
me: absolutely and lord lettin them get away with a quickie ONCE it like asking for it....and forgettin the foreplay they always want a quickie
Pretty Eyes: hon, foreplay & afterplay r words they understand in a game of soccer not otherwise and most r bad kissers too man