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October 23, 2006

I am Eve*, raising my middle finger at loneliness: 2

Contd from previous post....
Meanwhile Good Friend ascertained what I had known for quite a while. Let's-call-him-Veeru has the mega-hots for me. But thankfully, he is not making ungodly-houred, post-drunk calls. I seem to be meeting a lot of men (and giving them my number!!!) who insist on opening their hearts out to me on the phone, once they are drunk. Usually at around 4 am. I have to switch my phone off and sleep or hide it. A rather threatening and sleep-fucking solution to loneliness!

Dude meanwhile continues to do what he does best — vascilatte between the Suitable Boy and the Bastard; he does a good job of both, is getting better with the latter. One of the reasons I am illogically, self-harmingly (he is injurious to my well-being :\) bonkers about him is his Smell. WHAAAM! Each time I get a whiff of him (or off him!), it's like my brain's sole purpose after that is to send embarrassing-cant-be-mentioned-or-done-in-public signals to my groin. His fragrance intoxicates me. An Editor while interviewin me recently asked, "Whats with you and smell?" A whole lot of things Sir! I am a nose person. Cant eat anything that smells. Or suck! Cant be where it smells etc etc. I can visualise smell...and most people have a picture associated with each smell. If you cant smell it Sir, you cant understand what I am saying! It's plain, simple olfactory...dear Watson too!

So till Dude and his pheromones keep creating chemical locha in my brain...or till such time I find the Perfect Shag... I shall remain my shag-a-delic self and literally raise my middle finger (right fist? Ha ha ha!) to loneliness.
May we all shag in peace.