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October 23, 2006

Answering some (Too) Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you make so many spelling mistakes on your blog?
A: Because I type with one hand.

2. Why dont you use both your hands?
A: I always use one hand to type and the other to frig.

3. Arent Sex blogs supposed to be Anonymous?
A: No.

4. People know your identity...isnt the idea of such a blog to be anonymous?
A: The idea of this blog is to be able to fucking write what i WANT to write. With name, with a pseudunym or with a placard declaring my name, phone number and directions to my house.

5. Why isnt there much sex on this blog?
A: Theres not much sex in my life. when there will be...and if it leaves time for me to blog :) -- you get to read it too.

6. Will the sex be raunchy?
a: No. we sit across the room from each other and type out things we want to do to each other. We LOVE blogging!

7. Whos the WE?
A: those involved.