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October 14, 2006

Wonderin' if she could sniff some crotch

If we all were to live in a humpy-dory world where we all fucked and forgot...we would all live happily ever after. Because we would fuck, then we would forget and we would still fuck the same person(s) without any hard feelings. Hmm. utopia.

if human's behaved like dogs....we would all stare at each other's private parts as much as we wanted, scratch and even lick our privates in public and no one would think a thing was outta place, chase whoever we wanted...look at any number of the opposite sex and wag our tails. And if the interest was really great? Even sniff their crotches. If you like what you smell, you take it -- or stand in line -- or you move on to some more sniffy-fucky. Simple. Sigh. a dog's life. cant sniff no crotch. cant even dare. at least with cats and dogs you are certain they DO groom themselves/
PS: to self = do not write after vodkas. it sows. shows.


kay said...

not sure i would like that. i always figured for humans, the mating ritual is far more complicated and subtle.where's the fun if theres no tease, no flirtation. hey woman, i think we women designed it this way, the subtle..slightly prudish way, to suit our purposes. we dont want to go back to the dark ages being hauled on the men's shoulders do we?

simmi said...

very funny...

though i only scrutinize someones genitalia if im madly in love.

Penis's r ugly...or just damn comical...
saying this to one male friend, he replied

'if a cunt had four legs it would be the uglyest animal alive'

...between mental images and searching for a quick (deadly) comeback, i broke down laughing...as i couldnt disagree.

now, that doesnt mean that balls do not resemble dead plucked chicken skin
...and that men with too long mustache's could be mistaken for immitating a unkept bushy fanny...which somehow seems more appropriate between silky thighs, than on a male face...no?

(please ignore my spelling...i too, dont give a ....)