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October 26, 2006

Wondering about the Ex Men

Today's episode: The Hair Raiser

Yup, my exes could very well be mutant species. Too bad none of my exes had Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) body. Boyo! That man is really hot. As Wolverine, with those side-locks, that jaw, that W.I.D.E. chest .... (I love men who fit into this category, dont have anything against those who dont either, i love 'em all) And thankfully, he is not clean shaven! Bare-chested does not mean hairless, at least not in my books. I like a guy with some fuzz.

I mean hell. If a woman can take a guy's stubble, she definitely can take some chest hair. SOME chest hair. I've also been with someone who was so hairy, so hairy.... ...that I was either busy parting the hair to find SOME place to kiss or busy spitting out the hair that came in to my mouth when I DID find SOME place to kiss. And we're talking strictly above-the-waist areas here. Like even the neck. THAT hairy. Bhrrrrh.

Now that my Ex-rated post has been summarily interrupted by hair-raising tales, more comes later... So THAT was one EX adn well, he was a Hairy Mutant. And as goes with the Laws of Relationships: "If you dont learn anything from a past relationship, you're STILL doing something wrong."
Moral of the Hairy Mutant story: "If you can't kiss it first, you'd sure be spitting it out later."

Post Script
"Kiss you where?"
"Here, here!"
"No, no, hear, hear...hair!"