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October 13, 2006

Vagina, highly distressed: Part 1

Hello. I am Eve's Vagina and I am distressed (Have you ever seen a distressed vagina?)

However, there's something seriously wrong with Eve. While she never really has been the let's-talk-to-Vagina type, she at least used to listen to me earlier. As far as I am concerned, I blame it all on Moravia. Alberto Moravia and his The Two Of Us, to be precise. It's a book. About a guy who talks to his Penis -- which basically keeps cooking stories for the guy/protagonist/hero to go lay everything else other than his wife, Faucia. That's where Eve first came across the idea of talking to your Penis. Which is her Vagina, me :) That didn't sound right: Eve's vagina is not a penis (shudders at the thought).

Eve first came across the idea that one could (and many can by the by) talk to your Private Parts in Moravia's book. Thankfully, Eve interpreted the 'private part' to be me and not some other part she keeps private. Her ear drums for instance. But the day Eve realised she COULD infact talk to Me, she became of conscious of what I was saying...and what she was doing. And now it's come to THIS! Eve realising -- what a stupid word is that -- that she des not believe in indiscrimiante sex. Basically, no sleeping around. That sucks (dont I wish). So today, I have decided to make myself heard.