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July 25, 2007

Chomp chomp

Woke up at 5.30 this morning.
The dogs are running madly around the house.
Have been eating all day.
Two Snickers bars.
Two pieces of peda.
One rasgulla.
Was eyeing the samosas and dhokla as well.
Bought anardana churan.
Filed work.
Now it's crazy windy on my terrace.
That means back with the bandana - you cannot sit without it, feels like seven blow dryers from different sides.Though it's beautifully cool, the about-to-rain breeze. Ah.
I've just had a rolled chapati with strawberry jam.
I want to eat more.
Now I really want to eat a fat, juicy hot dog with tangy mustard.
Some fresh strawberries would be nice too.
And I dont mind that cheesy lasangna from Slice of Italy, yummity-yum it is.
It's officially binge day. I think I knew it the time I woke up.
F.E.E.D. me.

PS: And no, I don't throw up. i digest it all. And burn it up too.


taurius1 said...

I baked a cake this sunday. None of it survived beyond monday morning. >_<

I'd be pigging out on it now if it did. :)

Bugger said...

So nice! to find a human Bakery...

Way to go!!But i do hope the Bakery would go out of business soon.

burf said...

he he

yea... long time, and did you finally get a laptop? and how is noida?

and i am feeling hungry too now

varun said...