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July 2, 2007

Chapter 3: The Flooding Orgasms

From the last chapter you read: And then without warning, Princess Loona felt herself begin to start climaxing. Right there in the Waters of Wisdom, before all the people gathered. It was bad news, her orgasms were always bad news…

Given Loona’s regal birth and the Secret No One Spoke Of , each time Loona orgasmed, there was a flood in some part of the world. When Loona had just discovered the phenomenon of the Orgasm, the floods had been uncontrollable around the world. Each time the sensation arose between Princess Loona’s legs, she could literally feel the world start to churn inside her. News of floods would pour into the House of All Things Planetary at all hours. It was said that these were not just flash floods, the river would flow in the opposite direction when these unannounced floods came.
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Raccoon said...

Eve, the only thing I liked about this was the painting. But am thinking this would have appealed to me when I was 17...at that time anythng with sex and wet crotches in it would have.

unless of course, this comes in the genre of humour.

I like what you write...even Suparna's journey through the city (it was better though when she was in the small town, IMHO her change to an office player wasnt very well plotted) makes for an interesting read but this is really not a great story.

of course thats just me - am sure many others, avid readers would have loved this:)

feel free to not put it up as a comment..I just felt too lazy to find your mail id and send u a mail.

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

Hi Raccoon
No issues with not liking the story, though given it's three chapters old and you have NO idea where it's heading -- given that sex and wet crotches have a way of making people think the usual -- i think the critique is a bit too quick. Taken in the spirit it was written in though: improvement!

nitin said...

loona's special power is fucking hilarious. Those poor Bangladeshis! :)

Your writing keeps getting better, good flow, easy reading and an underlying humor linked to the absurdity of the entire story!

looking froward to chapter 4 - the grand vizier seems to be quite a shady character.

Raccoon said...

I lost interest in the 2nd chapter and dragged myself through to the third before giving up. So I was trying to figure if I should give a go-by to the subsequent chapters. Maybe I'm not into science fiction cum princess Xena cum hindi-arab mythology cum sex story all rolled together:) And maybe I've had too much ennui in my life now.

So you made this charcoal drawing/painting? Its awesome.

Raccoon said...

And I need to know whats this profile pic of??!

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

It's my knee. :) Early morning light, right out of shower, an old pic from September 2005.