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July 29, 2007

Bloody sunday

Automated call from service provider.

Call-centre reminding about bill payment.

Broadband connection provider.

Previous newspaper man reminding about previous unpaid bill.

Vacuous words.

All horoscopes, astrologers, tarot readers and the entire divine shebang has declared that while my career will soar, the love prospects in my life are dismal. All of them quickly add that no divine portent is fool-proof. Argh. I just want it all out of my head.

We (read me) spend more time worrying and thinking about love than actually indulging in it.

What is REALLY getting my goat is the fact that there are no Rule Books to follow. There’s something on giving compliments, on having a perfect first date, even the right way to kiss and hold hands; but there’s no book on how to un-learn things about togetherness etc and yet live a happy, fulfilling, single life.

Of course there are people who do it; what I am trying to say is that when you are brought up believing that the logical step after education and career is matrimony and the aim of every, other normal individual is to find a suitable partner and make a family… things become some what confusing when you suddenly realize that dude, that’s not the way at all. THAT. It’s irritating to think that we are all made to believe that there will be love and all that’s associated with it and when suddenly things point suspiciously to other things, people turn around and say, “But that IS life.”

So how about letting in on the truth right from the younger days? But then imagine, telling children that they will grow up to be alone and will have to do everything themselves and wont have any to talk to but telephone service providers and suddenly the child might not want to grow at all. Motivation would lack… or perhaps would grow up thinking only about the ‘material’ things in life. Hmmm… if I had a daughter (ever!), will I tell her that “Baby, you don’t trust the people you call friends because they might hurt you, love but don’t give your heart completely because the guy might play with it etc?” Hmmm. So life is never a bed of roses, but how and when does when tell that to a human being to make the shock lesser when eventually you do realize the truth?


taurius1 said...

hey... turn that frown upside down.
Life's always been this way. I realised it a year ago. Maybe it's part of the reason why I've found it easier to stay happy ever since.

And yes, the only people who want to call you up always seem to want something from you. And yes, noone ever seems to return calls. And yes, your kids are gonna grow up into a world that is pretty much the same, if not worse.

Just try to find something that makes you happy, and stick to it. :) As per my experience, it's never productive thinking about how sad life seems to be. Just take what you have and make the best of it. The sooner you realise it, the better :)

burf said...

i think this has something to do with our affinity to look for unhappiness and avoid thing that might provide happiness, but anyways the thought is too instance-intensive