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March 26, 2007

Come, squeeze my butt

"At least am not a social embarrassment. Yet." I wrote those words some posts back and hey, I retract them! I am a social embarrassment, particularly for gentlemen who are stuck with me in a situation where I am going hammer and tongs about something. Friday evening, tried out a new bar, plays electronica, stays open late and fairly (enough) priced... I was happily tripping on the music when one of the men, on his way out, squeezed my arse. It was not a pretend-accidental-brush-past. Nor was it a no-space-hence-my-crotch-is-in-your-crack manouevre. It was a proper squeeze. A one-and-two on the left cheek and a one-and-a-two on the right one. So I caught him by the neck, twisted his arm and threatened physical harm, handed him to the management and threatened further harm. Well that was that.

However, my Friend -- who I was with -- said, "You should let it slide and think that maybe you have a nice butt that asks to be squeezed... and you would not have felt bad if he had been good looking." NOW, for the record, I do not like my arse being grabbed by strange men. For the record too, my reaction MIGHT be different -- read positive -- if the said guy does look extremely good or has a good style. I have had my arse grabbed earlier and the guy smiled back, offered to have his head chopped off for such a crime and insisted he'd still do it again. Grin. I could only laugh at that. Another time, after feeling my arse up, this dude promptly offered his arse to be felt up. Why did he get away? He HAD a gorgeous, grabbable butt! You cannot expect to be gauche, ugly and stupid AND expect to get away grabbing me. Like the dude who felt me up Friday night was slinking away like some cheapshot, Delhi-blue-line-bus-commuter. Therefore, treated him the way he was behaving.

Friend said that when guys go out, a fight is the last thing they look for; however, when women go out, they are busy reacting to this-and-that being touched, leched at, etc. Dude, it DOES happen to women. Even we girls like to go out, down some drinks, chill, laugh and have fun; and it would only be too nice if we could do it without bothering about the losers out to spoil a good evening. There are many a times women -- and me -- would let a grabbing, feeling, sidling incident "slide"... but it's not easy. And then there is the bit about the Typical Delhi Man (TDM). There is no "letting it slide" with a TDM. Because he is not grabbing my arse as perhaps playfullness or as a compliment or anything. The TDM does it because he thinks tat a woman who has stepped out is doing so to advertise her goods. She's wearing whatever she is to accentuate her backside for the TDM's viewing pleasure so that he may squeeze it while mentally picturising gang-banging her with friends.

"Letting it slide" depends so much on the guy, because it's he who makes all the difference between it being a case of a guy-being-a-guy and a guy-being-a-jackass. There are women too, who adverrise their arse-sets to be grabbed; and then either create a scene for attention or whatever-fuck-else reason. I am not advertising; and when I do to Whoever, I would rather enjoy the Whoever grabbing my bum. Till then.... dekho, magar pyar se, aur door se.


deepti said...

hahahha.way to go woman...You're no social worker to let every ugly motherfucker load on some chill thrills..grabbing your whatever..as innocent fun; just cos some "gentlemen" think you should, instead of actually taking up for you.

Amit said...

men and women can never be the same. had the same happened to a guy, even from a butt ugly woman, he would have posted a glowing tribute on it. i guess men are just cheek-ier, sometimes

InExile said...

i dont remember how your butt looked like :P
tho i do remember one particular day where you spend hours talking about it !

clit.chatting said...

Dude... we have met BUT twice...so i really dont remember which particular day you mean. Lol.

Anders said...

having no idea what your ass is like I'd still second the motion, your motion... an ass can be squeezed in intimacy not in public... I mean who shag in the public eye?

moonstruck maniac said...

well.... you got a cute butt!!! and squeezing an arse in intimacy is good but it is so much fun in public, and this rule is not for the TDMs. hmmm, what an arsehole!!!

Ruchika said...

Very cool about taking down the ugly asshole the way he deserves... I've done similar stuff like slapping the guy, and even grabbing the errant arm and embarassing the guy in front of everyone.. its good fun :)

Btw, totally agree with the TDM funda!

Amit said...

while on butts, Im glad that we as humans, had the wisdom and kindness to invent thongs. Its the single most beautiful garment ever devised.

Anders said...

dekho, magar pyar se, aur door se.

meaning what????

Raccoon said...

your friend said 'let it slide'??? now thats very ummm metrosexual and not very TDM like. and certainly not 'gentlemanly' (maybe just gentle!)!!

If a girl raised an alarm about being felt up in public, the offender would get beaten up most of the times in Delhi. In Mumbai, I had a friend who was felt up in a train, turned around and slapped the guy, only to be slapped right back with everyone else just looking on. Beat that!

InExile said...

wrong !

Pirate of the Arabian said...

i like your butt.. it fits neatly in a palm .. at least a cheek each does..

clit.chatting said...

@ Anders
"dekho, magar pyar se, aur door se."
That is my mother tongue Hindi. Literally, it means --- Look at me, but with love, and from afar.
dekho = see
magar = but
pyar se = with love
aur = and
door se = from afar

I got the number of times wrong? :D

LOL. For a minute i got scared, i thought fitting into my palm..and those be rather small yeah! :D Danke!

@ Moonie
sticks out tongue @ "cute butt"

Sigh.... and how many times did the male friends with you say they were embarrassed? Lets go TDM-beating one day. GRIN

@ Amit
when was the last time you were a thong mate?