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March 14, 2007

Just a bad dream?

Argh. Woke up this morning with a bad vision. That I was found dead and no body came to claim the body. When they walked into my bedroom, there were pictures of me obviously posing with people, but no people in the pictures. And journals with names of places that don’t exist and letters written to people that have been returned to the sender.

It’s only my confused little pup who’s sitting by me and looking at my supine cadaver. They send my body to the medical college to be studied later separately in formaldehyde. And they cut me open… first the cranial cavity by sawing off the top of my skull, then an incision starting at the base of my belly button and up till my chin, one neat slit, they penetrate the pleura…and realize that the heart is missing.

And someone says, “What a wasted life…no heart inside. Probably broken” and they all laughed and threw me, the corpse, mutilated into the waste bin.

Post scrap: And building something new on dead remains will only rot the edifice faster. So much for Quick Fuck etc. Chicken, me.


serendipity said...

your life can't be wasted clitty diva...all you need is one person that you can say you truly loved...start with yourself and that cutie puppy of yours comes next...and there are still more people to meet and miles to go before you sleep :)

clit.chatting said...

@ Serendipity: :) thanks for the words...

Jim said...

May be the heart is not meant to be seen by anybody n everybody....may be even in corpse... may be otherwise... may be not

jerry said...

Really, this dream, sorry it read fascinating to me. Although I know one of it may stand true in reality.

jerry said...

I dream very obsscure.

Anonymous said...

No comments
at least till I am able to read the blog. Its black coloured font on green background.

So either you change the background into white or font to white only then it will become readable without killing ur eyes.
....and I do want to read it.

till then its syonara

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