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March 19, 2007

Craving, Seriously.

This might sound desperate, but fuck it.
Need to be held close.
Need to be cuddled.
Need to feel wanted.
Need to not feel used.
Need to feel more than just-another-pussy to fuck.
Need reassurance.
Need to stop needing.
Just hold me.
But then, He who can hold can hurt too. And so badly that it's back to square one again.
What shit am I writing....


moonstruck maniac said...

no JB, he who can hold will not hurt if there is a connection. and who can hurt you never held you!!

jerry said...

Too much pessismism, you'll figure it out. That's all it wants.

InExile said...

somebody needs a visit !!

or maybe somebody needs a poem !

Anders said...

it's ok to be desperate. it's ok to be held, cuddled, loved...