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March 25, 2007

I really don't like singers.

I dont think I like women who sing. The more I cannot sing, the more I meet women who can... in situations I'd rather they weren't around. Basically, this is Bad Luck month where men and me are concerned. Or my Man Sense is completely off (to self, sweetly: when was it on?). Each time I seem to like a guy, there is another chick on the scene. And they sing! :(

And writing this blog has created a strange situation. After harping about how men only want sex when they meet yadayada, it seems some men -- even the one(s) I like -- are getting extremely cagey around me; and I don't blame them. What is happening is that there are men -- or a certain man -- you would only be too happy if he made the move; but he does not... And I think the blog is to blame for it. Ufff!! So HOW do I tell someone I like, that, you know... And so damn embarrassing if the person does not like you back. And while I am already in this situation where I dont know what to do about someone I like, these bloody singing women seem all over the place. (wry smile)

So irritated. And also the whole thing about writing-what-I-want to write. Suddenly, writing about shagging is somewhat different... like someone wrote in saying, "Can I see your clit?" So, there are those who know me. Have met me. Will meet me... and they read about me shagging eight times a day. What kind of a mental picture does that create? And what kind of a mental picture does it create when they meet me? Of course, all dont think, visualise etc that way. But what if five people at a party - who have read me -- SEE me, lying on the couch, with my hand under my jeans waistband?!! Ore baba!

I think am going to give up on meeting people (read men)... for a while. No point liking someone and then getting a dhiss.... Chee. Kela ho gaya yaar.


Raccoon said...

so this blog was not exactly anonymous because you felt that you should be able to write what you want and not be judged/objectified (is that a word?) because of it? Noble thought, but it doesnt work like that no?

Amit said...

you arent pretty (atleast conventionally) but your nose ring looks cute. but you look like a nice person. slide.com

clit.chatting said...

@ Amit
thankyou for liking the nose ring. And thank God for non-conventionality. would be rather boring. and am not a nice person.

InExile said...

wether u shag 8 times or u are shoving up pineapples up ur arse isnt anyone's business. its ur choice .. why shud u care about what image it gives .. and if there are people who will judge u coz of that then u dont need em !!

you will always intimidate most men ... get used to it !!

as for you singing ... i 'd love to render my services ! ;)