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October 18, 2007

Men, Free Willy and the Need For Seed

Each time, each and every time you talk about men and cheating, at least 14 responses will point to how it’s evolution and not the men. How it is SUPPOSED to be like that since men have a genetic need to spread their seed around. (seed=sperm)

A man needs to screw around because genetically, evolutionarily, he is supposed to make a whole lot of babies. It’s funny though that despite this rather dire need to have as many babies as possible, MOST men go purple in their faces at the mention of the word ‘babies’. Also, given that most sensible – and medically aware – men would use a condom when fucking around… HOW are you spreading the seed baby?

Women are supposed to live with the fact that a man or their man will cheat and sleep around. And those women who do not understand that are of course supposed to fuck off or shag themselves or something. However, I would like to point out a small evolutionary detail that most men forget.

According to the Survival of the Fittest theory, the male of a species mated with many females (of his own species till the species called men decided to do other beings with orifices) to ensure he had many offspring. And no, even in the evolutionary order of things, men did not have much love for their own offspring, the looking after was the chick’s job. To have many offspring, the male mated with a number of females.

Now THAT is the theory that the 21st century man – and the men in earlier centuries – have been giving women to explain their cheating around. Unfortunately for the 21st century male, the Creator of the Universe had really not made much leeway for doctors and the medical profession increasing chances of survival. Suddenly, you did not need to produce as many kids. But of course, men chose to ignore that fact.

Even if say men are REALLY genetically helpless to NOT fuck around, they seem to hear or understand only PART of the theory of evolution. While a male indeed had many female mates to spread his seed….it was not EVERY male. The females ONLY mated with the top-rated males. Alpha males. They didn’t mind sharing quality sperm as long as they (females) knew that the offspring would have the genes of the strongest, fittest, most able male. The females did not let ANY male mate with them. If one of the other buggers tried, usually the alpha male shooed it away; more often than not, the females managed to shoo away on their own.

So now, coming to the human situation…. It’s funny how every man, whether he can get it up or not, expects to fuck around because he thinks it’s his bloody genetic, evolutionary right. It’s not. The WEAKER males could only sniff a desirable female’s crotch, not get to mate with her. In human-terms, that sniffing is called “teasing”. It’s never nice. But hey, women are GENETICALLY engineered to choose the best possible option from those around. WHY blame them, hmm?

Like, you, dear men, want to spread your seed, women – when they cheat – are perhaps trying to enforce quality control by not letting every other ass screw them. And yes, there are women who sleep around for the heck of it. However, that’s SLEEPING around when NOT in a relationship; not cheating.

And if women DON’T sleep around as much as they would like to for fear of being called “sluts”… NO woman goes around discussing who she is sleeping with (unless she blogs, heh). It is the men – again – who need to declare their conquests and who they are sleeping with. Men label a woman slut AND have a problem that women don’t sleep around as much. It’s a control thing. I am YET to meet a man – no matter how “liberal” – who would go around talking about how his girlfriend/wife/partner CHEATS on him or prefers to have other man/men as well. So men do the next best thing. They try to spoil a free-thinking, alpha-male choosing woman’s choices by calling her a slut.

No baba. A woman who sleeps around is not a slut. She just doesn’t get it enough or as good as from you or one man. Therefore, she exercises her GENETIC right. Just like you do when you sleep around. Once men get used to the fact that their woman might want to sleep with another man and do NOT label women as sluts… women too shall stop having problems with their men cheating around. And we would have one humpy-dory world.

PS: Bumped into Ex-2001, who is now a father and we talked about cheating. I said, “Where there is a will, you shall find a way.” He answered, “I don’t know…my willy always finds a way.” Bwaaahahahaha.


Pirate of the Arabian said...

And this is exactly what i meant.. i dont want to sound harsh.. and if i do.. well... deal with it..

Like, you, dear men, want to spread your seed, women – when they cheat – are perhaps trying to enforce quality control by not letting every other ass screw them. And yes, there are women who sleep around for the heck of it. However, that’s SLEEPING around when NOT in a relationship; not cheating

and what of women who will gladly fuck men over to get their way

what of the whore-madonna in every woman?

is this too esoteric for this blog?

JB.. just because you are agitated about something.. will never mean that this country will change.. we live in chaos.. we exist and thrive in it.. really should take a step back and look around y'know..

Maxine said...

This is a story of Peter and his soul mate, Willy.

Peter fell in love with Sweety.They roamed around,to the restaurant,to the beach,
sat at the corner seats at the cinema.All peter wanted was to get his hands inside
her blouse.All sweety wanted was Peter around her,his attention,his love.
They hugged,kissed even reached to the point when...
Sweety sweetly said "not now petie, shaadi ke baad".So Peter married Sweety.
Sweety's dream came true with the chain around her neck.Peters dream came true the same
very night.Peter was happy with 3 a day.Sweety was happy.. that made Peter happy.
One day Peter fell ill.No foot ball for 6 months,said the docs.Sweety took care of Peter.
Seeing him so sad with no foot ball,she pleasured him by other means and thus Peter was
happily ill. One day Sweety fell ill.No foot ball for 6 months,said the docs.In shock Peter
looked around..maybe the nurse,maybe her best friend , maybe the red street?Peter was so sad,
he was ready even to gay around.All for his best friend,his soul mate...,Willy.
No matter how many Sweety's come n go.Peter will always think about how to make his
willy mate happy.All feelings,all poems,all smiles,every touch,every word,every look..
is all about Peter and his willy.Nothing but truth.

Examples: dad,brothers,husband,friend,colleague.

And one of the above dudes even emailed me his free willy story,like a confession.

A former colleague once said"you know,mother-son relation,its all about sex".huh!Maybe he
was reflecting to himself..,how he feels about his daughter.And since i actually took up the
topic and talked about it,i became famous among the guys and started receiving
'intimate'SMS at night hee ha ha.
Then there are some guys who gets jealous of a lady's dog licking her.And instead of
keeping his sick wish of being the dog himself,in his mind,decides to talk out loud about
it and prove to the world once again that willy-billy is indeed a man's best friend.

I'm just disappointed with the men ive met/known in my life so far.I do wish someday someone
prove me wrong and maybe live like how Madonna is living now....a man to dance with her who wouldn't
even dare to cheat on her ha ha and just be a mother with a great career.hmmm.the end.

eve* said...

Dear Pirate,
completely agree to there being women who DO, wilingly and viciously fuck men over and NOTHING justifies that. It's not even man-woman. No human being should be mistreating another. Having said that, there are more men cheating around than women. Point to note here = IF men are cheating, they need a woman to cheat with. And it would be stupid -- even for this blog -- to think that women have nothing wrong with them. The point being, no matter WHO cheats, it sucks.

Crimson Feet said...

lol... that was hilarious maxine!.. i 'willlyingly' accept your point of view :)...

face behind the mask said...

A hug, a touch, a kiss (anywhere), a massage (anywhere), a look, the glow, the after glow. How do you define it all.

Lets not reduce it to a page 3 rubbish. Why are you defining sex only to a screw ?

Anonymous said...

i totally and completely agree with you maxine.. men suck