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December 19, 2007

Dirty Nights: A Series

Author Chuck Palahniuk – for those who don’t know, this is the guy who wrote Fight Club (‘now a major motion picture!’) – says in the foreword to the start of his new book Non-Fiction, “We get there, and we’re alone. And we’re lonely.” Then he continues to say, “The world is made of people telling stories,” and “the people fuel the storytelling.”

His book is about people getting together, sharing a passion and the stories that revolve around those shared interests. So taking a leaf out of Chuck’s book (and brain), I am starting a series on another shared passion: Parties.

And what happens in the parties, who happens, what should have happened… After all, everyone loves a good party and everyone loves a good story. This is not fiction. Some stories might rub some the wrong way; just ensure it’s a good rub though. Shrug.

A look at the city's party scene in a series of 10 short stories (or five, or seven!). Let’s party.

PS: Probably the end of me being invited anywhere, but whaddaphuck.


NAFO said...

If this is going to hinder your chances at being invited to parties then I'm really looking forward to reading this :)

Pointblank said...

lol! this is some blog. i wud like to blogroll u. hope u wouldn mind!