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June 14, 2007

NEWS: But you cannot rape the press!

So, we have yet another Rape Report, and this time, the purported felon is a designer fellow by the name of Anand Jon. He is a man Newsweek magazine had declared one had to "watch out for" in 2007. Sure. Counting as of today, Jon has pleaded not guilty to 13 of 46 counts - involving 18 victims, between the ages of 14 and 27 - of sexual misconduct towards women... and kids.

I don't know what is going to happen to Jon: He is out on bail and there are allegations that some of the charges might be cases of disgruntled, aspiring models getting back at him. However, what I do know; is that I am sick of reading Rape Report after Rape Report. And it really doesn't matter if it's a Jon, 'Jahnny', Janardhan and whether it's New York or New Delhi. Despite being an almost-30, tax-paying and apparently independent citizen living in the capital city of a country that is supposedly democratic and supposedly has a legal and judiciary system too... I don't know where to look, run, ask for help, or hide.

When I had read about the girl raped at knifepoint behind a medical college in broad daylight, I decided never to walk alone in any alleyway and definitely not behind medical colleges. Then I read that a Swiss diplomat had been raped inside her own car in the Siri Fort auditorium parking lot. It was scary because two hours before she had been raped, I had left the same auditorium after watching two films. I was alone. I have never been to Siri Fort since.

For those living alone, food is either self-prepared, care-of-fast-food or courtesy the area dhaba. But since the day I read about the girl picked up near a dhaba by men in a car; I'd rather go hungry or have instant noodles every night. So perhaps I can avoid the Mobile Rapist -men in cars who kidnap women and rape them - by not going to a dhaba. But how do I avoid traveling alone? Autorickshaws are the most common mode of transportation - buses mean crotches pressing into your bottom - for many a car-less single woman in the city. And yet, autos are open from both sides... and the Mobile Rapists have been known to pull out women from autos. I come to Noida everyday, in an auto. The other day a dead body of a woman was found in her car, on the Expressway.

The other day at a red light, a motorcycle stopped next to my auto and the man riding it, winks and blows me a kiss. It was a policeman in civilian clothes; his number plate said Delhi Police. I got out and asked him what did he think he was doing and if he had ANY shame being a policeman and all... He got off the bike, stood his full height - about five feet eight, I am five feet small - and said, "Stay quiet, as a woman you should know when to speak. And do what you have to do about it, let me see." Before I could call 100, he zooms off, threatening to BEAT me if I opened my mouth. Right.

I narrated my angst to Mishraji, my rather apathetic, water-stealing, neighbour. He said, "Madam, you are getting unnecessarily bothered, you are not model, so you will not get raped; and that apart, you have press card, just flash it and tell them they cannot rape the press." And they will stop?


NAFO! said...

Cripes! This scares the bejeesus outta me! And I'm male. And I'm not in India. AND I even know Jujitsu (ok that might be a lie.)

Maybe convert to Sikhism, they have ta carry a sharp ol' kirpan everywhere don't they? or is that just for dudes? Tch! Typical.

Sorry about my s**t gender.
I hope you keep well CC! ")

Clit Chatting aka Eve* said...

Hmmm. NAFO, thanks for writing that. All women dont get raped...and all men are not rapists. And you cannot apologise for your gender. Rape is a power crime, has nothing to do with gender. But yes, given the fact that a man physically dominating a woman is far easier than the other way round, it's seen more as a 'man' crime. Sigh.

adroy7 said...

Frigging scary.. Wonder if I should warn my sis to be more careful in Delhi. Yeah, lucky to be a guy. Not too many gay rapists abound the streets.
Take care. Do we have pepper sprays and such like in India? If all else fails one can always try the well aimed kick on the ****s.
I think the power comes from the fear the victim feels, and a counter-attack is the safest bet.

dRoZzY!!! said...

rape happens everywhere in india.
we are basically good at this national activity called rape.

rape should be our national sport. i am sure we'd be world champions.

i don't know any rape victims personally but i had a friend who had her right butt-cheek and her left boob felt-up by a bike pillion. i really don't know what these mental scars are like...

NOW about getting raped in NOIDA... you don't have to be a model or a film star. the only pre-requisite is you know what...
i work and stay in noida.
RAPE is what we eat here.
noida rapes everything from a dog to a hole in a wall.

PS: long ago when i was in school i had read of two U.P policemen who had raped a donkey (not even an ass)... phew!!!

God give us sex

dRoZzY!!! said...

i was just proof reading my comment ;)

how about India having it's own National Rape Team like the 'Men in Blue'.

we can host a state rape championship.

this would be the only front where inida would stand united. it's definitely a man's world!!!

NAFO said...

It is a really shit crime. I've been mugged a couple of times in Sydney, a kick and a punch there but nothing serious (I'm an agile escapist/ coward). You really lose a sense of trust in the outside world. The feeling you get from this kinda of attack can only be a fraction of what a woman (or anyone) feels from being raped. She wouldn't only lose trust, she'd lose her sense of self-possession. ick.

Anonymous said...
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advocatusdiabolic said...

Negetive Creeps! ALL!!

advocatusdiabolic said...

Hi Eve..I sometimes wonder statistics of crime are so high in the Capital and its suburbs? Any idea?