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June 5, 2007

...and now it's Click Chatting!

Ah. The mobile phone camera is mankind's greatest invention since the wheel. And while the rest of the world might be over it, I have discovered the sheer sadistic (and narcissistic) pleasure of being the only one to click yourself continually, along with the added incentive of capturing ennui in snapshots. And isn't it fun, that first you and I, sit and click the boredom and then we relay it to the world.

So, well, nothing concrete to share here. In all honesty, a statement like that usually means that either nothing's happening or the happenings cannot be written about. (wink) It's far easier writing a miserable post than a happy one, no? :D And then again, each time I sat down to write, the phone kept coming into my hand and I kept clicking.

Here goes Click-Chatting, randomly.... (dunno how this will look though, first time photo upload on the blog):

5.45 am in new house, from the fourth floor balcony, after having kept up the previous night of course.

Golu Dawg in his full ferocity..well, we both like to believe he is ferocious. :D In fact he is so ferocious, we need special effects.

And that would be.... Hmm.


Suvir said...

Hahahaha congratulations on having procured a phone that is finaly worth your while :)

Dave said...

pict. are great.
what phonecamera do you use?
Is it the new N95 from Nikon?
I thought about to buy, but the price is beyond...tshhhh

taurius1 said...

OMG that pic of Golu Dawg is sooooo Kawaii!!! ^_^
Especially with his teeth sticking out abit like that. :P

Cheers! ^_^

Suvir said...

Golu met me on the flip side :)

Suvir said...

Golu met me on the flip side :)

clit.chatting said...

@ Suvir
completely! heh heh....poor doggie was sooooooo zonked.