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June 6, 2007

Going where's the dance?

There are releases and then there are releases. Some do it through exercise, others meditate, more sleep and still other trip on acid. I dance. I dance at home, music on, doors shut, floors free and me just dancing my whatever away.

The last week, I was a little off... more worrying because I couldn't dance... not the way where I feel every bone creak later and every shred of energy taken out of me... It was not the music either... went and checked out both Ibn Batuta (Baci) and DJ Jayant (Smoke House Grill), gave Tabula a miss (nothing against DJ Iggy, bad timing!) And well, dunno... something, I didn't dance as much. I missed it.

Realised also that I have six pairs of footwear -- far lesser than most women I know. Two pair of flat slippers - red and white, three boots : one standard Army ones, another calf-high and spiked heels and yet another that are really comfortable, been wearing them for almost two years now. I love boots, unfortunately for the heat in India, they aren't really conducive the year round. And well, call it a fetish or whatever, but buying things that I like IS therapeutic for me. It does not have to be too much shopping as such... but say getting home a coffee mug I really like also helps. And clean feet....HOW I dig clean feet, mine have the strangest ability to get REALLY dirty, REALLY fast. Hmm, maybe because I like walking bare feet.

Golu Dawg, me thinks, is missing the old home, he hasnt eaten anything since yesterday. Except of course when I sit next to him or follow him around the house, trying to feed him. He can be SUCH a human, it's not even funny anymore. Like in this picture, after 20 minutes of trying to get him to sit and pose, he just sat, looked at me and gave me the shot. Nothing great, but then, Golu Dawg does NOT sit still! In the background, you see a Sikkimese prayer table that is a family heirloom of sorts. My 'heirlooms' go back to what my father has got for us... those are the only things I am ever taking from anyone. This table was carved from one tree trunk by a monk in Kalimpong, West Bengal. I love it. And of course, most of my house in bundles. I can pack in two hours flat, and it shows. ;)

And this is the first continuous night leading into the first morning! All bare essentials listed. So that's been that..will write soon. Once things and thoughts are a bit more settled.


Shady said...

You sure can pack but unpacking is a pain


Reeta Skeeter said...

Wow! It took me days to pack and about 4 hours to shift and God knows how much to unpack wen I shifted PGs back in Pune...Twas tough! 2 hours is neat!