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February 7, 2007

Easy cum, easy go....

Dear all,
Clit Chatting debuted in print in the February issue of Maxim India (Page 18). Do pick an issue; and for those too lazy or broke, here's what the column says...

Ladies and Mental Men... Just Getting Anal About It

"You're pretty, pretty smart and have most things going for you -- guys should be eating out of
your hands. But then, you're too easy," said my once-upon-a-time-lay, sometimes counsellor, as we discussed another one of my seasonal break-ups.
"Ah, you mean sex on the first date?"
"No, no, that's okay if you two can handle it," he replied. I can.
"Hmm, do you think perhaps it's the cleavage... maybe I should tone it down a bit?"
After a glad eyeful, "Have your boobs shrunk? And no, if you can carry it off, cleavage really does not matter," he said.
One by one, Former Lay shot down my entire list of Things That Get You Labelled Easy; insisting my problem was as easy one. Right. Here I was, recently single, for the time-being heartbroken and far from finding the correct karmic connections, even my casual carnal ones weren't materialising into anything significant (like a good night/week/month of mutual pleasure). And THEN, it sort of hit me.
"Maybe it's what I do when with the guy that chases them away?" I offered, "Possible, no?"
After careful consideration, Former Lay asked, "Do you cook fr the guy, do things for him, make life easy for him and treat him nice?"
"Yes to all and more..." Finally we seemed to be getting somewhere...
"So that's your problem. Don't do ALL of that. As long as you do the basics right -- without being too easy -- guys would stick around."
"What are the basics without being too easy?"
"It all depends pn your answer to the next question," said Former Lay, being rather mysterious.
"And what would that be?" I asked.
"Do you let your man cum on your face?"
Clit Chatting is a firm beoliever in casual and all other forms of sex.
Maxim India, February 2007 issue, Ladies and Mental Men, Page 18


jerry said...

Reads purrrfect and honest. Even I had written one, somewhile back. Will get that effing Pirate! :)

taurius1 said...

Lolz. Guys need just three things from life... Food, Sleep and Sex. >_<

Soetimes, we make me sick.

InExile said...

ha ha !!
the taste of your lips still tingles my wisdom tooth !!


catmiester said...

aaaarrrgghhh... men!