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November 18, 2006

I am Just Another Story, telling just another story...

"Trust me," he said and held my hand. A promise to teach things he knew, the wisdom of years, the guidance of love and the protection of affection. He gave...and he took, what he had created.

"Trust me," she said and caressed her womb. Dreams of years, knowledge of past lives and a future ahead — all but a little seed. A promise to deliver, to nurture, to protect as her own flesh. She did... and lay silently even as dreams of years, forgotten past lives and every sense of security rested on a drawstring.

"Trust me," she said and winked conspiratorially. A promise to communicate, share and bond. She did...till temptation led her away.

"Trust me," he said and looked at the Fire. Promises to love, respect and create together, forever. And he lied...and led to a Lie that took the soul.

"Trust me," she said and whispered in my ear. A promise of sweat, toil and hard-earned glory. She betrayed... tearing sanity and the left sense of humanity to shreds.

"Trust me," he said and laughed at the Wind. A promise to soar, to learn, to feel again and to be together in loneliness. He jested... and took with him the little bit that was the Last Essence of someone called me.

Post Scrap: And as Death counted the money that her blood had sold for, the Little Dream thought, "If God loved me enough, would he have let me die?"


InExile said...

by a candle stands a mirror
in his heart and soul she danced
she was dancing through the night above his head !