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November 7, 2006

Wondering about anonymity

"Why aren't you more regular with your posts," wrote in a blog-pal. For one, dear friend, it's because I don't have a desktop or laptop at home. So it's kind of tough to sit down and first write it on paper and then type it out the next day. Or at other times I don't even want to type it out. Or read it again. But then this -- writing -- is the only sustenance and solace.

And there too, the entire anonymity-identity issue raises its head. Would absolute anonymity give me more freedom to write? Because somehow people are more comfortable reading about the masturbation frequencies of someone they don't know than reading candid words from someone they know or meet. Hmm, so would I have more freedom...Because as much as I want to write with no bloody holds barred, there are times when I censor. More to protect the identity of those involved than myself. I, after all, am an open book, or blog, for all anyone cares. And the fact that despite the censored-identity-protecting writing that I do, I've already encountered an entire evening of being called "Clit Chatting"... in a rather derogatory manner.

"So how many times did you shag today, Clit chatting?"
"Why, you want me to cum on your face, friend?"and that was thankfully the end of THAT conversation. First they piss me off, then they say you're rude.
Yes, this is my blog and Clit Chatting is the monicker I've chosen. But use some brains. If I wanted everyone (read every other arsehole) to link Eve* to Me (on birth certificate)...I would either wear a placard or put my real name up. Yup, IP addresses can be tracked..and for a lot of the readers here, you don't even have to go that far. But anyway. I will see how far I can go with being known and writing how, what and the way I want to write. And once that becomes difficult... I'll find a way. :) Oh yes.


burf said...

i don't appreciate ppl commenting as anonymous but i still allow anonymous comments bcuz some visitors might not necessarily be from the blogger.com network

Xs said...

thats great! that way the frequency of posts may possibly reduce, but one can hope that the 'quality for impact' will improve substantially over a period of time! :P