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November 6, 2006

Some Females' Typical Reaction

So basically somewehre I am perhaps a little disgusted with self for being a Major Whiner. And then I get pissed off thinking -- Why the fuck cant I even whine in peace? Who the he;l; says its wrong to whine when things arent right? (Right = the way you want things to be) Is it some self-help book that looks down upon whining? Aren't you supposed to show emotions? Damn. That's when it gets dangerous -- when you begin whining, about whining.

The Serial Fucker wrote that a guy friend of his -- to get over a girl -- decided on the Typical Male Reaction: find another woman and screw the brains out of her (rather macabre). So simple. Seems that some men and (some) women are not that different after all. Like some women like women too. This one, Me, if caught in a scenario where I have to find another guy to get over a guy (psst to self: you are in a situation like that bebbee) -- would love to go in for the Some Females' Typical Reaction -- find an interesting, attractive, self-assured, discreet, not-intimated-by-me, non-clingy, unattached, non-psyhotic, doesnt-call/sms-at-weird-hours guy, who is also good in bed ..and then screw the brains out of him. The screwing bit is simple(r), it's the finding bit thats tough. So maybe women (you girl, you) are more demanding. But then how you can fuck just anything that looks good and talks smart? At times it doesnt even have to talk smart (refer to drunken sex). It (still) amazes me how (a lot of) men can screw anything. The entire cover -the-face-and-fuck-the-base theory.

Once (amongst all the once-s!), in one of my very rare About To Fall To My Lowest But Didn't moments, I was oscillating between to-do-him, or not-to-do-him with this guy I wasnt too sure I liked. At least I was sure that each time he spoke, he really pissed me off. He had a nice face, but a really stupid smile -- more like a constant smirk that I constantly wanted to thwack off his face. However, the dude was definitely panting for me. He had given me the once over more than twice, kept trying to catch my eye and do the across-the-bar-looking-into-each-others-eyes shit. And most importantly, he moved well on the dance floor.

Now any girl would tell you that when a man moves well on the dance floor, he is good in bed too.
unless he is on shrooms (he's more interested in what's happening in his head lady, and if you get your hands on some, you should be too!), gay or doesnt-get-it-on-much. So, this Good Mover With Bad Mouth was definitely giving me all the signs that he was clearly interested (dead giveaway: So how are you going back tonight?") And so I was now considering Him with his mouth taped or face covered, and I closed my eyes...when he said something that I dont even remember but that totally settled the matter for me. I shagged that night.

And despite the belligerent protests of Vag -- thats my Vagina -- to "close my eyes, think of someone else and get on with it" ...I cannot. (Yet?) Simply because when sorting and being careful you-think-you-are-being-smart can land you (and does) with a Dick that masquerades as a man...how can you fuck ANY man just because it comes with a dick?

Post Scrap: once I DO find a guy like that --- where both the Dick and the Man work for me -- and I DO screw the brains out of him...the next morning: he makes breakfast, i get it in bed, he gets my crossword, i do it with my coffee. Then he leaves for work and I never see him again. Unless I wish to. And we all lived happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

"so how are you going back tonight ?" that's lame lame lameoass !!

and men will fuck anything, women,fists, we'll stick in a tree if we have to ...!!

your post scrap was oh so sweet !! :)

p.s. i love the nickname thou has bestowed 'pon me...:P

Shady said...

Now you why nen Do not whine cos they Screw anything and everything (in most cases)

The do whine about not gettinga good drink or not gettinga lay for x nunmber of days but thats it .

maybe its about time women should learn from us guys and make life happy , if not for themselves them atleast for us guys who would anyway screw anything .

all meshed up said...

ah...to dream of that perfect world and the "hazaron khwahishen aisies"...